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Sinful Secret: Sugar Factory’s Chocolate Lounge

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One of the best-kept secrets at the new Sugar Factory inside Paris Las Vegas is the establishment’s endorphin-friendly Chocolate Lounge.

Tucked away behind the colorful Sugar Factory retail store and sprawling Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant, the Chocolate Lounge features delicious diversions to suit even the most discriminating chocolate-lover.

Chocolate lounge

The Chocolate Lounge is a tad tucked away, but well worth the search.

The Chocolate Lounge, aside from being an inviting place to hang out with friends (booths seat seven people), is pure heaven for luxury fondue aficionados. And aficionadas. Note: We are a Las Vegas blog, not a word conjugator.

Through subterfuge and cunning (we kind of just asked), we got our hands on the top secret Chocolate Lounge menu. Click here to download it in .pdf format.

The menu is bubbling with Premium Chocolate Fondues, Homemade Candies and Chocolates, Sweet Pizzas, Hot Chocolates and Frozen Hot Chocolate and Specialty Coffee Drinks.

Chocolate Lounge

Even if there were no fondue, we'd still give several thumbs up for the decor and overall vibe.

The bar and tables in the Sugar Factory’s Chocolate Lounge are equipped with built-in induction burners, and personal chocolatiers are on-hand to enhance one’s fondue experience.

Chocolate Lounge

Fact: This blog would not know an "induction burner" if it landed in one.

In Vegas, the extraordinary is the norm, so check out the “Chocolate Gold” fondue extravaganza on the Chocolate Lounge menu. This sublime chocolate fondue serves up to six people, and features “a gold-coated Dominican dark chocolate truffle, melted table-side with Dominican dark chocolate sauce, served with ‘Gold Chocolate Nuggets,’ gold and chocolate truffles, gold-dusted gummy bears, chocolate-gold-studded strawberries, chocolate cupcake with gold leaf, gold-dusted homemade chocolate bars and all the toppings of your choice.”

Oh, and did we mention the $1,000 price tag for the “Chocolate Gold” package includes a bottle of 2002 Dom Perignon champagne and a glass of Hardy d’Or 50 Year Cognac for the table? Bonus: Each guest receives a gift bag with a box of hand-crafted chocolates, a signature package of homemade macarons and a giant, two-pound chocolate bar. Only in Vegas, baby!

Learn more about Sugar Factory and the Chocolate Lounge at Paris Vegas, which we’re pretty sure we have a blog crush on at the moment. Then again, it could just be the endorphins.

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