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Planet Hollywood’s Remodeled Rooms Are Ready for Rock Stars

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Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has always been the rock star hotel. It even has “Hollywood” right in the name. The thing is, not all the stars of stage and screen come from Hollywood anymore. (A little band called Imagine Dragons came from right here out of Las Vegas.) All movie stars and musicians may not come from Hollywood but they all “go Hollywood” at some point, and when you’re ready to go Hollywood in Vegas, there’s only one place to stay – Planet Hollywood.

New room renovation at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

We all know celebs don’t have a tolerance for yesterday’s vibes. They want the posh life, and they want it now. So it’s no surprise that Planet Hollywood keeps its celeb street cred by making sure it’s always a trendsetter, beginning with a multi-million dollar room remodel that has renovated every single room in the property.

Now’s the chance to step into the spotlight and star in your own Vegas vacation by picking which brand new Planet Hollywood room is your spirit animal. If your crew is planning the most kick-ass party to end all parties, chances are they’re splitting the bill, making your dream suite that much more affordable. It might even be free to you if you’re the lucky recipient of a Vegas vacay. Whether you’re on a budget trip like your favorite indie band or you’re rockin’ an A-lister’s budget, all roads lead to the newly revamped rooms at Planet Hollywood.

Roadies and Indie bands: The Ultra Hip and Ultra Hip Resort rooms

Planet Hollywood Room Renovations for Roadies and Indie bands

If you’re more of an indie band on the rock star scale, it’s important to have a comfortable place to crash that won’t break the budget. The new Ultra Hip Resort rooms are just that. Ultra. Hip. Edgy artwork and modern furnishings break the “boring hotel” rules in a room that has a fridge for your PBR and a shower plus a separate soaking tub to revive your feet from those uncomfortable, yet badass, boots. Rock stars may suffer for fashion, but they also know how to recharge their batteries before they crash. This room offers double vanities so you’re not jockeying for position with your bassist in front of the mirror.

Roadies know how to party too, especially since they’re usually overseeing the party planning. Roadie- types looking for a budget-friendly room will love the Ultra Hip standard rooms with a fridge to stash the band’s water and cold-pressed juices, plus a comfy chaise for chilling. There’s also the same awesome separate bathtub and shower the band’s enjoying in the Ultra Hip Resort room.

The PetStay program will be available in the Ultra Hip Resort rooms, all of which will be completely finished with renovations by June of 2017.

Rock stars: The Strip Suite and Ultra Strip Suite

It’s all about the view in Las Vegas hotel rooms, which means a view of the sparkly lights below on the world-famous Strip. In select Ultra Strip Suites, you can even enjoy that view from the bathtub. Rock stars need a place to party and bring the crew after the show, but they also need a place to unwind and find inspiration for their next hit song. Do both in the newly revamped Strip Suites. Remember how a phone or TV in the bathroom meant you had a posh hotel room? Imagine having a view of the Eiffel Tower or another part of the fabulous Strip vista.

Planet Hollywood Room Renovation for Rock Stars All Strip Suites feature the killer Strip view and offer a separate seating area. With a recording studio vibe, this seating area, complete with a TV, is the perfect post-show retreat. Catch a show in Zappos Theater downstairs, then keep the party going afterward in your room where the dazzling Strip is now the star. The Ultra Strip Suites also feature living areas with wrap-around sectional couches with room for everyone (groupies included) to hang.

Ultra Strip Suite Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood Room Renovations

The Ultra Strip Suite has that recording studio vibe.

Pop Stars: The Panorama Suite

Pop stars are all about the divalicious life where posing for the perfect panoramic photo is a given. The renovated Panorama Suites offer, you guessed it, a panoramic view of the Strip below, via expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Ideal for a bachelorette getaway, pop star types will feel right at home with an over-sized soaking tub, plus a stylish chaise by the bedroom window. If you’re thinking sultry album cover shot on the chaise, we were too.

Book your tickets for “Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life” or “Jennifer Lopez: All I Have” and then try to recreate your favorite pop star pics in the luxury of your own suite. Boy band lovers know you’ve got to have enough room to practice your coordinated dance moves in the massive living area. Backstreet Boys fans will appreciate the “Larger Than Life” windows. If you aspire to be in Pitbull’s posse, you’ll need a place to have “Fun.” Really, who’s not on a quest for the “Time of Our Lives?” Pick the Panorama Suite to get you there.

Movie stars: The boulevard SUITE

Movie Star: The Boulevard Suite Planet Hollywood Room Renovation

You know you can’t wait to go for a swing!

You’ve heard the phrase, “movie star looks.” The Boulevard Suite is all about that vibe with its picture-perfect rec table games and multiple sitting areas for breakout discussions on your fave new flicks. Plus, like spotting your movie star crush in the audience at one of Zappos Theater shows, it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room: The epic bird cage swing or comfy couch that hangs from the ceiling of these suites. Think of the possibilities. Like Nathan Lane’s Starina in “The Birdcage,” you too can be fabulously over-the-top in this extravagant suite that includes one or two bedrooms so you can escape the paparazzi and apply that cucumber eye mask in private.

Sports stars: The apex suite

Sports stars seem to be in their own class of Vegas VIP. If you take your Vegas party experience as seriously as the elite athletes whose epic escapades grace the homepage of Perez Hilton, you need to take it straight to the top. That means the Apex Suite. It’s the height of hip hangouts with its massive circular sectional couch overlooking the gorgeous Strip. Imagine the perfect bachelor party pad that offers a separate dining and bar area plus multiple large flat-screen TVs to catch all the sports action or your favorite home design show. Nobody’s going to judge if you want to watch a little guilty pleasure HGTV about how to build your dream man cave based on this ideal party room. And if they do judge, just shut the bedroom door to your one or two-bedroom Apex Suite. At 1,800 square feet, it might be as big as your house so there’s even room to invite your practice squad too.



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