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Spice Up Your Life: Multi-Talented Entertainer Mel B Heads To Vegas For America’s Got Talent Live

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Come on, admit it: If you grew up in my generation, you had to have faked a British accent at least once singing Mel B.’s (also known as Scary Spice) infamous line from “Wannabe”: Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want! This blogger sure did!

It was definitely a delight to catch up with Mel B, a member of the most successful female vocal group in music history, Spice Girls. Currently, she’s one of the beloved judges for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The highly popular, No. 1 reality competition show attracts more than 12 million viewers a year. If you’re in Vegas Friday, Sept. 25 and Saturday, Sept. 26, you can still buy tickets for Planet Hollywood’s successful America’s Got Talent Live.  Mel B hosts the live performance featuring season 9 winner, magician Mat Franco.

You’ll also catch the show’s top finalists  including acrobat group AcroArmy, sibling musical virtuosos Emil & Dariel, sultry singer-songwriter Emily West, singer and songwriter Miguel Dakota, 12-year-old singing sensation Quintavious Johnson and the musical group Sons of Serendip. Funnyman and season 8 runner-up Taylor Williamson will also make an appearance.

Read what this chart-topping singer, actress and television personality has to say about Vegas, what she loves about America’s Got Talent and about her own personal favorite from the show.

Vegas is a super fun city. What do you love most about Vegas – is it the shopping, parties, restaurants, or pretty much all of it?

I lived in Vegas when I had my own show there for nine months at Planet Hollywood [Peep Show] and my kids went [here for] school. Apart from the Strip, it’s actually a really cool place to live! It’s super hot, you can go out and do your dining with great shows – it just depends on what you want. But I think even for a family vacation, or a girl’s or boy’s night out, it changes for everything and everyone.

What’s cool about Vegas is that it could be October, early November and here you are – in a bikini, lying by a pool somewhere!

Exactly! I love that.

I’m sure it’s a blast working with the crew and meeting contestants on “America’s Got Talent.” What are some of the best things you love about your job on the show?

I get to see a variety of talent, whether it be a great singer, great magician, great dance group. I mean, you get to see everything when you’re sitting there, whether it be a live taping or part of the audition process. I have the best seat in the whole entire house. It’s a fun show! I watch it with my family. It’s just very entertaining.

Yeah! There are just so many acts. Did you have a favorite this season?

I called that Mat Franco was going to win it, way way early on. I’m so glad that I was right. In nine seasons, a magician never won. He’s cool, he’s got a great edge to him. His makes magic a bit more hip than it’s ever been before. So yeah, he was my favorite.

Let’s talk about your recent solo projects. Your single, “For Once in My Life” did really well on the US dance charts. The music video is really fun, by the way!

Ah, thank you!

Are you planning on going back to the studio anytime soon?

I’d like to.

And just out of our own curitosity, do you think you’ll someday want to do a Spice Girls reunion tour right here in Vegas?

I hope so at some point!

America’s Got Talent Live performs Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m. both nights. For kicks and giggles (and because it’s what you really, really want), we’re going to take you down memory lane with this throwback hit. Girl power!

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