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Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla Take On Blogosphere

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Rio magician Penn Jillette, half of Penn & Teller, took part in the final panel discussion of this year’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo on Oct. 16.

Penn Jillette

Penn settles in for some social intercourse.

The annual conference, which was held at Mandalay Bay, brings together thousands of bloggers, social media enthusiasts, digital broadcasters and experts in a variety of new media areas.

Penn has some street cred when it comes to social media given that he has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

Also participating in the closing keynote was comedian Adam Carolla.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla factoid: He has no middle name.

Carolla hosts “The Adam Carolla Show,” a talk show distributed by podcast. During the first 24 hours of Carolla’s show being available, it was downloaded more than 250,000 times. It was downloaded more than 1.6 million times in its first week of existence (Hint: That’s a lot.)

Adam Carolla

Bonus Adam Carolla factoid: He once worked as a boxing instructor.

The panel discussion covered a range of topics, including how Penn & Teller hang out to do autographs and photos with fans after each show at Rio Las Vegas. (Talk about social networking.)

Penn dismisses the often misplaced concern that social networking is isolating people, or creating a world where “children would rather Tweet to each other than talk to each other.”

He says, “What we’re seeing is an incredible increase in intimacy. You’re seeing an incredible increase in people talking from their hearts.” He continued, “They’re trying to make people out to be cold and not communicating. But if they’re not communicating with people, what are they doing?”

“I think Twitter is more honest, direct and more intimate than most conversations you have with people face-to-face,” says Penn.

Penn Carolla Blogworld

BlogWorld rocks. And we're not just saying that because we're a blog.

The secret to his Twitter success? “I only Tweet the way I would have a conversation.” He also avoids hyping his show or appearances too much. “I try to talk about stuff that really matters and that’s really from my heart. I try to tell the truth as I see it.”

Ultimately, he says, it’s not really about new media. “It’s just people.”

Penn Carolla Blogworld

Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla are no longer on speaking terms after clashing at BlogWorld. (Blogging tip: Making up celebrity feuds is a great way to get more traffic to your blog.)

Follow Penn Jillette on Twitter here, or follow Rio Las Vegas here.

Thanks for making Las Vegas your home, BlogWorld! This Las Vegas blog tends to have a soft spot in its heart for, well, you know.

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