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Secrets Of Harrah’s Las Vegas

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You think you know Harrah’s Las Vegas, but you have no idea…

This hotel’s obviously been around forever, but it’s not nearly the way you may remember it. For one, the casino got a fresh revamp and it’s looking, well, fresh. The casino looks sleek and sophisticated, all while keeping its inviting, welcoming appeal. The casino swapped its brassy gold for shiny silver, complementing the deep purples. It gives the hotel a completely new, contemporary feel. The pool, as well as the rooms, got a new look too.

The Pool at Harrah's Las Vegas

Harrah’s, what’s your secret to being so fun? (Find out now.) Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

When you check in, there’s a lobby bar across the way. And not too far from that, you’ll come across one of the fanciest Starbucks locations you’ve ever seen in a hotel. It even has USB ports to ensure your electronics are fully charged. Grab a drink at one of two places (or heck, why not both?) and let the games begin.

Check out some other fun facts about this popular Las Vegas hotel:

The pool at Harrah's Las Vegas

Serenity at its finest. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

The Pool Is Free (and the Perfect Escape)

Sometimes we want a break from the Vegas craziness. That’s not to say we’re against pool concerts, wild contests or everything that shrieks Sin City, but having some calm R&R by the pool is just as enticing.

Welcome to the pool at Harrah’s Las Vegas, where you can sip on a cocktail and soak up the sun to your heart’s content. We love the pool loungers stationed at the shallow end of the pool, perfect if you want to work on your tan but have a little splash time too.

Not only does this pool offer free admission, it’s family-friendly and got some recent upgrades, such as new deck furniture. There are two pools here, the main one, as well as a smaller pool on the upper deck. Now that’s the pool you should sneak off to and escape from it all.

Donuts at Fulton Street Food Hall at Harrahs in Las Vegas

Donuts at Fulton Street Food Hall. We’ll take the whole tray, please.  Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Donuts Around The Clock At Fulton Street Food Hall

Come on, admit it  – we all crave sweets at 2 a.m., right? Well if you just so happen to be up, head to the Fulton Street Food Hall and get your delicious donut fix at whatever time of night. We’re torn between the chocolate poop emoji and vanilla unicorn donuts.

Bubble cones at Fulton Street Food Hall at Harrahs Las Vegas

Bubble cones, bubble-bubble-bubble cones: It’s dessert time 24/7. Photo courtesy of Fulton Street Food Hall. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Harrah’s also has the Instagram-worthy homemade bubble cones (like a waffle cone, except the opposite with squares puffed out. Think outtie versus innie). What’s cool about these is you can stuff them with any of your favorite sweet treats. Aw man, that means we’ll have to order at least four of these!

But we’re not just talking donuts and bubble cones. You can also order savory eats like tacos, sushi, sandwiches and anything you have the late-night munchies for. So whether you’re wearing your club outfit from a few hours ago or your jammies from rolling out of bed, we won’t judge either way. You’ll probably see us wearing both.

Pete Vallee as Big Elvis at The Piano Bar in Harrahs Las Vegas

Big Elvis, also known as Pete Vallee. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Sing With The King

This may not be the best-kept secret since his show is well known, but it’s totally worth the mention. Pete Vallee, who plays Big Elvis at The Piano Bar, is a huge star. How huge? His act is so popular, that there are long lines of folks waiting to get in to see him. So tell us: Are you ready to bring your Elvis game? Well then, you better put on those blue suede shoes!

While you’re here, The Piano Bar also showcases live saxophone music, dueling pianos and karaoke.

Heartbreak Hotel at Harrah's Las Vegas

Heartbreak Hotel. Photo by Gary Ng.

For The Hardcore Elvis Fans 

Singing with Big Elvis is awesome, but you can’t stop there. If you’re a die-hard Elvis fan, you need to see Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel In Concert. This story-telling concert features more than 18 of his hit songs, so you’re sure to hear all your favorites.

This unique Vegas show will get you movin’ and you’ll also see clips of The King’s life from the show’s huge LED walls. And if you heard that this Vegas show is reminiscent of a Broadway play, that’s because it kind of is: Broadway veteran Jeff Calhoun is responsible for the extra fabulous stage.

The living room of the Presidential Suite at Harrah's Las Vegas

Presidential Suite living room. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Rooms With Style

These newly-renovated Vegas rooms are, in the words of Bruno Mars, drippin’ in finesse. Let’s praise the designers who did the renovations here — the rooms and suites are crazy stylish. The spacious Vice Presidential, Presidential and Penthouse suites look like they could be on MTV’s “Cribz.” We love the Penthouse Suite’s dining area and its lazy Susan tabletop piece. We can easily share all of our food (or let’s be real, all of our drinks). Plus, the clean lines and pops of color go with today’s trendy-yet-minimalist look.

The good news? The hotel will have all renovated rooms by the end of the year. So whatever tower or room you book, in a few months it’ll all be brand spankin’ new. Read more about these renovated Harrah’s Las Vegas rooms and suites here.

Winnie and Buck at Harrah's Las Vegas

Winnie and Buck statue (with their pup Chip) at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

The Legendary Winnie And Buck Statue 

Rub for good luck…. or maybe not. In any case, you’re in luck if you take pictures with this iconic statue, the focal point of the hotel’s casino.

We don’t know too much about Winnie and Buck other than they’re a fun depiction of tourists. Legend has it this is a couple that Bill Harrah saw frequenting his dad’s casino. And legend also has it the couple won big and to this day, visits casinos to spread their luck to others. In the meantime, you can play the newly added Winnie and Buck slot machines, right next to the statues.

Hmm… so what happens if we dress up like them? And even bring our little pup with us to enjoy the hotel’s pet-friendly amenities? Is this enough to give us good luck? Only one way to find out!

Flippy the Bartender at Carnaval Court near Harrah's Las Vegas

Flippy the Bartender has mad skills. See them at Carnaval Court. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Add Some Flair To Your Stay At Carnaval Court 

A show with your drinks? Sure, why not? Head to Carnaval Court and watch Flippy the Bartender work his magic. He’s been doing this for years. Tim “Flippy” Morris makes it look so easy and you can just tell he has great time doing it. We can tell you all the tricks (or read more about Flippy here), but this is just something you gotta see in person.

Carnaval Court is also a hot spot due to its Strip-side location. It has a stage, so they’re constantly playing live music. It’s also a prime location for New Year’s Eve. If you feel like going on a food adventure, you’re only a short walk away from The LINQ Hotel + Experience, which offers late-night dining at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar.

The Righteous Brothers with Bucky Heard at Harrah's Las Vegas

Hear all those instantly recognizable Righteous Brothers hits at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

More Shows Than You can Count 

Here you’ll not only find a wide variety of acts, but Harrah’s Las Vegas also has a total of nine shows on its property. Nine. That means you can take in Tape Face, John Caparulo’s Mad Cap Comedy, the aforementioned Elvis show, the kid-friendly, afternoon Mac King Comedy Show and celebrate women of all ages from X Country to Menopause the Musical. You can even see The Righteous Brothers and sing along to “Unchained Melody.” Just hearing this song takes us back to that famous pottery scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in 1990’s “Ghost.”

Whether you’re here for late night donuts, a relaxing pool day or ready to sing or laugh all night, this Vegas hotel doesn’t fall short on fun.

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