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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Howard Hughes

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Mysterious, reclusive business tycoon Howard Hughes made an undeniable impact on history. He was also a key figure in making Las Vegas what it is today. Many of his exploits and eccentric personality quirks are well known, but we came up with 10 strange and surprising facts about this one-of-a-kind entrepreneur.

1. Hughes suffered 14 serious head injuries during his lifetime from a series of car accidents, falls and a plane crash.

2. During his later years, Howard Hughes stored his urine in jars. (Bonus: He also wore Kleenex boxes as slippers because he feared germs.)

Las Vegas celebrity Howard Hughes - Blog

Howard Hughes, a force of nature.

3. Howard Hughes bought Vegas TV station KLAS for $3.6 million so he could watch movies late at night. Hughes wanted something to watch because he was a chronic insomniac.

4. He was obsessed with peas and for dinner most nights he would order one dozen. He used a special fork to arrange them according to size.

5. Hughes surrounded himself with Mormons because he felt that they were the only people he could trust.

6. To prevent germs, Howard Hughes insisted upon a “safe zone” of four feet around himself which no one could enter. He also used tissues to pick things up so he wasn’t touching them directly.

7. Howard Hughes had a morbid fear of pollution and radiation. He tried to stop the underground nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site.

The Aviator 2005 movie poster starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes - Las Vegas blog

Hughes was portrayed in “The Aviator” by Leonardo DiCaprio whose head is probably not larger than a plane in real life.

8. Howard Hughes had an employee whose only job was to catch flies. He couldn’t swat them because he feared it would spread germs.

9. During one reclusive stretch, Hughes lived for five months in a screening studio in Hollywood. During that time, he ate and drank exclusively Hershey Bars, pecans and milk.

10. Toward the end of his life, Hughes had his nails and hair cut just once a year.


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  1. Jeff

    Wait, so Howard Hughes had a morbid fear of radiation, yet still used a nuclear weapons test site to shoot The Conqueror?