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The Linq and Its High Roller Not-a-Ferris Wheel Are Shaping Up Nicely, Thanks

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Every day seems to bring changes to the center of the Las Vegas Strip, and The Linq project, a multi-million dollar shopping and entertainment district, is taking shape in dramatic fashion.

Seemingly overnight, the site of the now-closed O’Sheas casino has an eye-catching new facade.

The Linq

Can we have loved O’Sheas and still love this? We’re thinking “yes.”

As you get closer, you can see some of the design flourishes, including glass and other features. This area will be the new threshold to The Linq, full of dining, shopping and entertainment options. See some initial tenants of The Linq.


When did all this happen? Possibly yesterday. It’s Las Vegas magic.

Not far away, there’s more huge news from the construction site of The Linq’s record-breaking High Roller observation wheel.

The final leg segment of the High Roller (the sixth) was recently put into place, at a mind-boggling 250 feet up, or nearly half the wheel’s ultimate height of 550 feet. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a mathematician.

High Roller

See the speck atop the leg at the right? That’s a dude. Seriously.

This blog was there to grab some exclusive video at the exact moment the final leg segment was being hoisted into place. Oh, yes, there was some hoisting. We would’ve helped, but we’re nursing a craps injury.


Yes, the little “ants” at the top of the legs are human beings. Getting up to the connection point involved climbing ladders inside the legs. Please add this to the list of jobs this blog will never do in a bajillion years. Workers will use a construction elevator from this point on.

Soon after the installation of the final leg segment was complete, the High Roller’s “pants” were put into place. The so-called “pants” connect the legs.

High Roller pants

If you don’t like that we call them “pants,” get your own blog.

The blue scaffolding is temporary. And those slabs of wood hanging from ropes are temporary work platforms. See why we don’t want that job?

High Roller

This photo makes us woozy. Excited, but woozy.

Next, the wheel’s support leg (we call it the “kickstand”) goes up. Then the wheel itself will start taking shape, including its passenger “pods,” which will each hold 40 riders.

High Roller

We would like to take a moment to thank all the smart people involved in making this miracle of engineering a reality because this blog’s brain hurts just thinking about it.

There’s more fun to come! This is going to be the best 2013 ever.

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