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7 Things To Expect At Mat Franco’s Las Vegas Magic Show

Last updated: December 22, 2015 at 4:41 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Shows, The LINQ. 2 Comments on 7 Things To Expect At Mat Franco’s Las Vegas Magic Show.

Adorable magician Mat Franco shines in his resident Las Vegas show at The LINQ Hotel. Photo credit: Denise Truscello

Headliner Mat Franco is only 27 years old, but his show at The LINQ Hotel & Casino, “Mat Franco—Magic Reinvented Nightly,” has been selling out almost every night since its August opening. Fans old and new fill the theater to watch 90 minutes of mind-boggling performances, eager to see what Franco has up his sleeve (literally). Having just celebrated his 100th show on December 20, here are seven things to expect before heading into that magical LINQ Theater.

7) It’s more than sleight of hand. Franco’s show has a little more heart and soul than traditional magic spectacles. He admits he’s still on a cloud from winning season nine of “America’s Got Talent,” which ultimately led to his name in Las Vegas lights. A few segments showcase his journey from an ambitious little kid to “AGT” and the Sin City stage.

6) Tricks you’ve never seen before. Sawing a showgirl in half? Nope. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Try again. In his show, Franco delivers a fresh bag of magic acts he personally came up with, so you won’t see them anywhere else. There’s one with wine bottles, and a particularly memorable closing segment that leaves everyone astonished.

5) You’ll get some insider info. Franco admits he wants every audience member to really enjoy the entertainment of his tricks and not be focused on the “how.” But to satisfy curiosity, he unravels the mystery of two different basic tricks and offers some behind-the-scenes secrets on how they’re done.

4) A lot of laughing. Franco is about as high-energy as it gets. He practically bounces off the wall with the excited energy of a kid on Christmas morning. He’s also endearingly funny and loves to slip one-liners and puns into every act. It definitely keeps the audience laughing and relaxed—when they’re not wondering where those coins went that were just there.

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3) You’ll be inspired. Keeping with the feel-good feels, Franco also includes some adorable home movies of him as a wide-eyed child performing magic at his Rhode Island home. He calls his grandmother his biggest inspiration and credits her for helping him turn hours of practice into a successful career. Franco’s love of the craft and inherent, longtime dedication beams through his every act, and it’s refreshing to see someone so humbly grateful.

The wine trick is a favorite act in "MAT FRANCO - MAGIC REINVENTED NIGHTLY" at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Photo credit: Denise Truscello

2) You might get a few minutes of fame. Franco’s show is very interactive, and he calls on several audiences members to either help with a trick or be his guinea pigs. From simply picking a card to actually assisting with tricks, you’ll get plenty of chances to have a moment in the spotlight.

And…1) The number one question on your mind will be “how did he do that?!” Franco is a charismatic, quick-talking magic master who never misses a beat. He’ll leave you astounded with his inventive, off-the-wall acts. His finale—a story told with cards and hence the reason his show tagline is “magic reinvented nightly”—is especially jaw-dropping.


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  1. Greg s

    Saw Mat’s show in October. He is amazing! People ask me for suggestions of things to do in Las Vegas, this is now one of my top two suggestions.

  2. Mat Franco’s is the best! good magic show i like it.