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Today’s Thing You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas

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You’ve probably seen Vegas Vic, the iconic, 40-foot-tall neon cowboy known around the world as a symbol of Sin City.

But did you know that when Vegas Vic was erected (yes, we said it) in 1951, he had a waving arm and moving cigarette?

Vegas Vic neon sign

A cigarette? In Las Vegas? Gasp!

Here’s something you may not have known: The sign originally had a recording that said “Howdy Podner!” every 15 minutes. The recording was silenced in 1966 when actor Lee Marvin complained it was too loud. The sound was restored for a time in the ’80s, but now, Vegas Vic stands silent.

Vic can still been seen downtown, at the site of the original Pioneer Club, which is now a gift shop. When the Fremont Street Experience came along in 1994, several feet of Vic’s hat had to be trimmed off so he’d fit under the light show canopy. Now you know!

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