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Vegas Bids Farewell to Imperial Palace, Hello to “The Quad”

Last updated: November 3, 2015 at 9:41 am. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Hotels, The LINQ. 1 Comment on Vegas Bids Farewell to Imperial Palace, Hello to “The Quad”.

In a much-anticipated announcement, Caesars Entertainment (whose blog this is) has confirmed the popular, mid-Strip resort, the Imperial Palace, will soon be rebranded as “The Quad Resort and Casino.” Or just “The Quad.” Up to you.

The Quad

In typography, that bottom part is called the “tail.” A good fit for Sin City, don’t you think?

While the name of the Imperial Palace is changing to The Quad, it’ll still be the high-energy party place guests have enjoyed for years.

The Imperial Palace name change marks a new beginning for the hotel which has been a part of Las Vegas since the 1950s. From 1959 to 1979, the hotel was called the Flamingo Capri.

Construction is already under way at the soon-to-be Quad, and the hotel’s casino and porte-cochère (French for “the drive-up entry place thingy”) are perhaps the most visible evidence of the changes to come.

How was the name The Quad chosen? Basically, the concept of a “quad” brings to mind good times for many. A quad is a gathering place, a place to meet and make new friends. It doesn’t hurt that a “quad,” in poker, also means four-of-a-kind. But that might just be us.

The Quad

This blog loves it some fancy new stuff in Las Vegas.

In a way, The Quad is keeping everything people loved about Imperial Palace and is adding more things to love. The things to love will be done in phases. First, the casino (note the sleek new check-in desk, for example) will be revamped and expanded. Next, the hotel’s retail promenade and dining levels will get their make-over. Other renovations are expected to be announced down the road.

In case you wondered, the hotel’s expansive Auto Collections aren’t going anywhere, and neither are the casino’s dealertainers.

So, the IP’s days are numbered! Collect those gaming chips while you still can.

The Quad’s coming. And the party’s just getting started.

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One Response

  1. Raul

    Used to stay for years at the imperial. BUT every since the close the balconies is a total no no… One of the eye catchers of the now Quad were the balconies. So people please!!! Open them again. And get the people who like that back.