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Watch Your Back, Blogosphere!

Last updated: May 1, 2009 at 2:58 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Hotels. Comments Off on Watch Your Back, Blogosphere!.

Welcome to the official blog of Pulse of Vegas. (Sound of thunderous applause.) We’re all over this blog thing! We waited awhile before launching one, just to make sure the blogging “fad” wouldn’t die out like the Internet fad and the TV fad. You know how those turned out. Here, we’ll be sharing exclusive news, amazing offers and all the things you love (or will) about all your favorite Harrah’s Entertainment destinations in Las Vegas.

So, bookmark our blog. (That’s Ctrl + D.) It’ll come in handy. Check us out before your next getaway. Or after. Or during, if you absolutely must.

Here in Vegas, we love to play, and our blog is a new place to do just that. We hope you’ll join the fun.

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