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What’s Actually Open in Vegas Right Now?

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Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino - what is open in Las Vegas

Who’s ready for PH’s return?

Wondering what is open in Las Vegas right now? We’re all excited for the latest re-opening in Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood Resort.

With that re-opening, some of our favorites places to eat, shop and watch the game will be coming back to the Las Vegas Strip – and let’s not forget, the sports book will reopen as the newly appointed William Hill Race & Sports Book.

Here are the amenities opening up on October 8:

Food and Beverage


  • William Hill Race & Sports Book


  • PH 24
  • PH Need It


Of course, several of our other Las Vegas Strip resorts have reopened over the summer. You might even not realize one of your favorite stores or places to eat has been open for a while now!

To make it easier to catch up – and just in case you missed something along the way – we’ve compiled this quick and easy guide to some of the things that are still up and running in Las Vegas right now.

Las Vegas at night - an aerial shot of the buildings, lights, fountain, and general city nightlife.

More of Vegas is back than you might expect.

What hotels are open in Las Vegas?

Need to get away for the weekend? Most of our hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are open! The following resorts have rooms available in addition to many of the other amenities, which we’ll list further below.

What to do on the Las Vegas Strip?

Although our big-venue entertainers aren’t playing right now, there’s still so much available to see and do in Las Vegas. Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

The Mob Museum is in Downtown Las Vegas - what is open in Las Vegas

The Mob Museum is in Downtown Las Vegas.

Other Things To Do Around Town

From museums and hiking to camping and walking tours, there’s a lot more to Vegas than The Strip. These are just a handful of our favorite destinations that are open now:

Qua Roman Baths - what is open in Las Vegas

Qua Roman Baths courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

What spas and salons are open in Las Vegas?

Sometimes, even when you’re getting away from it all… you need to get away from it all even more. Unwind and relax at our selection of spas.

Smoked golden beets at HELL's KITCHEN - what is open in Las Vegas

Smoked golden beets at HELL’s KITCHEN. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Where to eat in Las Vegas?

Many of your favorites, including top celebrity chef dining spots, are open – and some are even doing takeout, so you can enjoy from the comfort of your room.

Guy Fieri's Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary - what is open in Las Vegas

Guy Fieri’s Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Where to drink in Las Vegas?

In addition to dining spots, bars and lounges have also recently reopened! Here are a few of our highlights.

Grand Bazaar Shops Night Shot - what is open in Las Vegas

The Grand Bazaar Shops at night. Photo by Tom Donoghue Photography

Where to shop in Las Vegas?

Looking for the perfect gift or souvenir? Many of our retail locations and shopping centers are open as well.

Check out a full list of all the places that are open in Vegas.

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