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Where In The Empire: Test Your Vegas Knowledge With These Fun Photos

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Calling all Vegas veterans; Just how well do you know your way around the Las Vegas Strip? Let’s see if you can guess where these are within Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas hotels. Take your time — they’re tricky. And when you’re done, take a peek at our answer key at the bottom and see how you did. Good luck!

1. Tunnel Vision 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Tunnel Vision

2. Enchanting Fountain 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Enchanting Fountain

3. Pet The Pooch 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Pet the Pooch

4. He Sees You 

Where in the Empire fun photos - He sees you

5. Kaleidoscope dream

Where in the Empire fun photos - Kaleidoscope Dream

6. Moonlight Magic 

Moonlight Magic- Where in the empire fun photos

7. Ceiling Game 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Ceiling Game

8. Chandelier Charm

Where in the Empire fun photos - Chandelier Charm

9. Let’s Groove Tonight 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Let's groove tonight

10. Beer Bae 

Where in the Empire fun photos - Beer kegs

Bonus: watch your step

Where in the Empire fun photos - Watch your step

Bonus (After The Bonus): 

*Cue drum roll* 

So, how do you think you did? Did we stump you? Let’s find out:

Answer Key 

1. Bally’s Las Vegas entrance: The perks of walking along the Las Vegas Strip is you can catch cool structures like this. Take the escalators up from the Grand Bazaar Shops, and this is the walkway past Giordano’s and Redneck Riviera.

2. LINQ Fountain, The LINQ Promenade: We’re sure you’ve seen some really nice fountains in Vegas, but we like this one in particular because it lights up. Catch it when you grab a slice at Flour & Barley or a cupcake at Sprinkles.

3. Poodle statue at Paris Las VegasHe may be ceramic but we’re certain this pooch would still love our pet-friendly Vegas hotel rooms. The adorable statue is located outside of the gift shop, just before the hotel lobby.

4: Bench at The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace: If you take shop ’til you drop seriously, these chairs make for great pictures. And it’s like he’s staring into your soul.

5. Ceiling at Paris Las Vegas: No, you’re not in France. But hey, Paris in the middle of the Strip makes it that much cooler. Modeled after Paris’ Galeries Lafayette, you’ll find this in the shopping area between Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s Las Vegas, just outside Burger Brasserie.

6. High Roller wheel at the LINQ Promenade: This is one spoke-tacular shot and by far, one of our favorites. If you haven’t had a chance to ride the 550-foot-tall observation wheel yet, you’re in for a treat. (We like going right at sunset; plus it’s way cool to see all the Strip lights come on.) If you happen to be walking down the promenade, you can take this time to capture a creative shot like this.

7. eatwell at The Cromwell: Tricked ya! Just when you thought we forgot to crop out the Drai’s Nightclub logo, we just wanted to throw you off. While you’re here picking up a coffee or a snack at eatwell, look up at the ceiling and snap a photo. We’re sure you’ll stump everybody with this one.

8. Le Central at Paris Las Vegas. Ooh la la, would you look at these? We say this charming Vegas bar is the perfect place to go for a date. The chandeliers at Le Central are simply marvelous.

9. Disco ball at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino: Located inside the casino just above the escalator, this disco ball is the center of the party. It’s only steps away from all the hot headlining acts like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and J.Lo at the Zappos Theater. And if you’re itching to get your groove on right by this disco ball, no one’s judging you. We’ll bet you won’t be the only one.

10. Beer wall at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace: Grab a brewski and nibble on your favorite pub bites at this popular celebrity chef-owned bar and restaurant. If you do dine here, maybe (just maybe) you can trick Gordon Ramsay on his Twitter page by pretending you made the dish!

Bonus – Any floor level at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino: Staying at Planet Hollywood? You can take this artsy photo as well: As soon as you leave the hotel elevator at any level,  all you gotta do is look down and snap.

Bonus after the bonus – Casino chandelier at Harrah’s Las Vegas: It pays to look up when you’re strolling through this center-Strip casino. Just make sure you don’t run into anyone when snapping the photo. This bustling casino gets really busy!

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