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Where In The Empire, Part Two: Let’s See How Well You Know Vegas With These Photos

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Calling all Vegas experts: We brought you Where in the Empire last fall, and now we’re back with the sequel. We want to see how many of these you can guess right (hint: they’re all within Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas resorts). Our answer key is on the bottom of the blog. Break a leg!

1. Stairway To Vegas 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 1 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

2. Sky is The Limit 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 2 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels - Caesars Las Vegas hotels

3. Words To Live By 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 3 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

4. Poolside Paradise

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 4 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

5. Turn Up The Lights In Here Baby 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 5 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

6. Escalate In Style

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 6 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

7. Straight From The Horse’s Mouth 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 7 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

8. It’s All In the Details 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 8 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

9. Hole In One 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 9 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

10. Three Amigos

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 10 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

Bonus: Curtain Call 

Where in the Empire photo quiz image 11 - Caesars Las Vegas Hotels

So, how well do you think you did? Let’s check your score, shall we?

Answer Key 

1. Stairway to Vegas: This is by far one of the most gorgeous and glowing escalators on the Strip, right? Located inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s hotel lobby, the glamorous escalator takes you right to the excitement of the hotel’s bustling casino, entertainment, restaurants and shopping mall.

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2. Sky is the limit: You can have what you want, be what you want… at Paris Las Vegas’ Le Central bar. Located in the middle of the casino, this meet-up bar has a fresh, open-air vibe and breathtaking chandeliers suspended from its sky ceiling. We love people-watching here and the daily happy hour specials are decent.

3. Words to live by: Guests who have dined at GIADA at The Cromwell may recognize this light fixture with the delightful quote. If you haven’t visited the Californian-inspired Italian restaurant yet, now’s the time to go. Not only will you enjoy Giada de Laurteniis’ signature lemon spaghetti and lemon cookies, but the bright and warm atmosphere also feels more like a home versus a stuffy restaurant. Plus, if you get a window seat you’ll have sweet fountain views from across the street.

4. Poolside paradise: Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I want to take ya to… Flamingo! Hey, no need to go to the islands when you can enjoy paradise right in the heart of the Strip. That’s what we call getting the best of both worlds. At Flamingo Las Vegas’ GO Pool Dayclub, you can swim beneath waterfalls all day. GO Pool Dayclub also hosts poolside concerts all summer long.

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5. Turn up the lights in here baby: Extra bright, I want y’all to see this: Maybe it’s time you took a trip to Planet Hollywood’s hotel lobby, even if you’re not checking into the hotel. It’s just that awesome. These lights are just around the corner from the aforementioned escalator. You can actually see them in the previous escalator photo (if you caught that, kudos to you!).

6. Escalate in style: Speaking of escalators, this one will always take our breath away. Even if you’ve visited The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, there’s a chance you didn’t walk far enough to catch this architectural wonder. But if you’re walking along the Strip and enter through the mall’s entrance, this is the one of the first things you’ll see. And trust us when we say it’s worth riding these spiral escalators again and again. (Oh, and there’s also shopping you can knock out too.)

7. Straight from the horse’s mouth: While we’re on the subject of The Forum Shops, you can find this fine fellow outside of TREVI, a popular fine Italian restaurant. The horse statue is part of an elaborate showcase known as the Fountain of the Gods, located right outside of the restaurant. You can dine right next to this while enjoying signature items like the Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare (seafood pasta slathered in a seafood cream sauce), brick oven-fired pizza and more.

8. It’s all in the details: Our final Forum Shops photo — the place is so striking we had to share one more. (We couldn’t help it!) This is just a close up of the ceiling where you’ll find the winding escalators. When you’re here, don’t forget to look up!

9. Hole in one: This one’s easy if you’re 1) a KISS fan or 2) an avid miniature golf player. Located inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, KISS by Monster Mini Golf is a fun break from your Strip activities. Show off your putt-putt skills while listening to countless KISS songs – both the hits and the obscure should-have-been hits.

10. Three amigos: Known as the three amigos or Vegas’ version of Migos – whatever you want to call them, these feathered males are sure to turn heads. See these Mandarin ducks at the Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas. The free attraction is home to flamingos, turtles, Koi fish and so much more. Fun for the entire family, you’ll get to know these creatures while enjoying all the greenery.

Bonus: Curtain call: If we could give out a prize for this quiz, we totally would — especially if you guessed this one right! Located in the famous Forum Tower Duplex Suite (where the movie “Rain Man” was filmed and also the suite that “The Hangover” is based from), you can get lost staring at these crystal beads all day. Booking this room is easy through Caesars Suites. You don’t have to be a celebrity or VIP to do so either (but you’ll feel like one!). Rates start at $1,620 a night.

Fountain of the Gods horse statue photo and The Forum Shops ceiling photo by Justin-Antonio Appel / Caesars Entertainment. Forum Tower Duplex Suite crystal curtain by Nina Corpuz / Caesars Entertainment. All other photos courtesy of Caesars Entertainment social media.

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