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Time To Dish: 12 New Tidbits We Learned About Giada At The Cromwell

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Giada’s antipasti bar and lounge area.

Culinary powerhouse Giada De Laurentiis wowed guests at an invite-only sneak peek event of her upcoming restaurant, Giada, at The Cromwell Las Vegas boutique hotel. Yours truly was invited to the swanky soiree, held in a pool villa at Caesars Palace. An antipasti bar just like the one she will be featuring at Giada was set up, with ample samplings of her cuisine.

We noshed on citrus marinated olives, caponata marinated mushrooms with toasted almonds, cipollini agrodolce, marinated calamari salad, oyster crudo with prosecco mignonette, charred octopus with potato and fennel salsa. Aside from the prosciutto, bresaola, mortadella, calebrese, marinated mozzarella boconccini and Parmeggiano Reggiano, there were also three kinds of bread, including one baked with peppers and an olive bread. (Yes, we had all three…multiple times over.) Another cook beckoned us with De Laurentiis’ chicken marsala meatballs with roasted mushrooms and lobster arancini with calabrian chili pomodoro.


De Laurentiis said she wanted to serve a sampling of her personal favorite antipasti bar dishes at the event.

The Emmy Award-winning celebrity chef dished out tons of new tidbits about her anticipated restaurant, including new renderings and more information on how the whole project came to be. She admits that among her Food Network show and cookbooks, she was in no rush to open her own restaurant and looked at hundreds of spaces everywhere imaginable. The spot at The Cromwell was one of her last ones to tour, then a two-story parking garage that faced the Fountains of Bellagio. The entire project has been a labor of love for De Laurentiis, who has curated her passions and spirit into every detail. Most importantly, she wanted the restaurant’s interior to have a residential-like, comfortable vibe with living room-style furniture, feminine touches and attention to detail at every turn.


De Laurentiis says she has her fingerprint on every single aspect of the space, down from picking out the tile (imported Italian) to hanging art work from her personal collection to fighting for a homey fireplace inside the space. She’s also thrilled about being only the second female chef branded restaurant on the Strip. “My number one feeling is pure excitement,” she said. “I have no idea what this journey is going to be like, but I’m so excited.”


At the media event, De Laurentiis presented four new renderings of the space. Photo by Erik Kabik.

Here are even more fun facts to get you in a foodie frenzy for the opening of Giada:

• The opening date has been pushed back to the start of summer, with De Laurentiis aiming for June 4. “I really want this restaurant to open with everything being perfect,” she said. “Not that we open early and the windows don’t open or close, the staff isn’t prepared, the menu isn’t hammered out properly, we haven’t had enough time in our kitchen, all of that. I’m looking long term here, not just one big weekend.”

• Her favorite color, rose gold, will be prominently featured throughout the restaurant’s design. One of the stunning chandeliers at the entrance features hand-blown glass tinted in rose gold that gives off a sexy glow.


The hydraulic windows on the Giada’ terrace will enhance the al fresco dining vibe.

• Not wanting diners to walk right into a bar setting typical of most restaurants, she designed an antipasti bar instead. The sights and smells of it will be the first feature guests experience as they enter the restaurant and its lounge space. With a Carrara gold marble countertop, the custom bar boasts separate pizza and bread ovens and a pasta stand where chefs will be rolling homemade pasta.

• Going off her desire for wanting guests to learn something during their Giada experience, she’s had sayings engraved throughout the restaurant’s design. One of the swirl-shaped light fixtures above the seating in the lounge says one of her trademarks, “eat a little of everything, but not a lot of anything.”

• She uses fashion as a design muse. De Laurentiis said she incorporated prints inspired by Missoni and has always aimed for the restaurant space look to be “Armani crossed with Calvin Klein.”


The entrance of Giada has a lot of residential design touches.

• De Laurentiis was so adamant about using her prime location’s natural light that she had seven custom remote controlled hydraulic windows installed. They wrap the perimeter of the restaurant, with views of Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace and Bally’s Las Vegas.

• Giada will be open daily for lunch and dinner—and yes, there is a brunch. A private dining room space will be available for larger parties.

• The barstools at the antipasti bar with featured a large letter “G” on the back of them.

• Think you’ll get away without ordering dessert? Not a chance. Beautiful dessert carts displaying her sweet masterpieces will be constantly rolling around, making them irresistible. “I want it to be like a moving pastry shop,” the self confessed “big dessert person” said. “Indulgence is it here. Begin with alcohol and end with dessert. Like this cart, I want to create experiences that have never been created in Vegas before so that I become a destination.”

• The restaurant, lounge and terrace will seat nearly 300 guests.

• De Laurentiis wanted to create several different types of experiences in different areas of her restaurant, so some of the tables will feature tablecloths, while some wont.


The dining room that will serve signatures like lemon spaghetti and pea pesto crostini features wood accents and pops of color.

• She’s always adding more: “The oysters that you are tasting here today are brand new to the menu. We have a pizza oven and we are working on our pizza dough making sure it’s just right. My family makes a lot of pizza at home but I’ve never really made pizza on my show. Pizza has not been a big part of what I do because it’s hard for people to make good pizza in the oven at home, but now with my Neapolitan roots, we are going to start making it. I wanted to create a menu that was very much a Giada signature menu but a lot of California inspired, lots of citrus, light food but also very decadent food as well. I’m going to start doing a lot more vegan, and there’s a gluten-free pasta that I’m making. At the end of the day it’s an entire package experience. We are going to do chicken cacciatore tableside, we’re having full branzino, things that you wouldn’t see me do on the show because they are not friendly for home cooking. That’s the beauty of this restaurant is I can do those things now but still have the flavors that everybody knows me for.”

Total Vegas Blog writer Emma Trotter with Giada De Laurentiis in Las Vegas.

After she told me about the exciting things coming up at her restaurant, I snapped a photo with the gorgeous mogul.

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11 Responses

  1. Vicki Childers

    Frequently visit Las Vegas. Can’t wait to add Giada’s to my favorite’s list.

  2. Cyndee

    I am VERY excited that Giada is actually offering vegan items . . . in Vegas! This is unheard of. It is very welcome that a chef of her quality is taking the time to address the vegan population. Maybe now I won’t have to settle for a baked potato and steamed veges.

  3. Emma Trotter

    Hi Cyndee, you won’t have to settle for anything less than amazing! Giada is committed to modern food lifestyles, such as gluten free and vegan. I’m sure you will have plenty of choices. Don’t forget to grab a vegan cupcake from Sprinkles at the nearby LINQ!

  4. Israel Zenou

    EXCELLENT Food and Company! Giada was gracious and very personable! My Wife and I had a Great experience and we WILL BE BACK with family and friends!

  5. My husband and I are coming to Vegas in 2 weeks for our Anniversary and have reservations at Giada’s new restaurant. We cannot wait! It sounds amazing!!!!

  6. Henry Jacques

    My wife is a hugh fan of Giada’s, she owns every cookbook she has published. I was wondering how I would go about possibly buying one of the bowls from the resturant. This bowl I saw this morning has Giada’s name on it. I saw it on the today show. I would apppreciate it if you could let me know. This would make a perfect Birthday gift for her.

    Henry Jacques

  7. Emma Trotter

    Hi Henry, if you dine in person or call the restaurant, please inquire with the staff about purchasing. I’m sure they have been getting a lot of these questions!

  8. Lucille Molz

    My husband and I recently had dinner at Giada’s restaurant and had the great pleasure of meeting her. The atmosphere and food were amazing. I would definitely make it a place to visit while in Las Vegas.

  9. Tina Hackett

    So disappointed… We have reservations for lunch on the 15th of August. I really wanted to partake in the dinner menu for my husband’s birthday. We are there from 14th of August through the 16th(leaving early on the 17th) and there were no dinner reservations available during our stay. 🙁

  10. Emma Trotter

    Hi Tina, I know, it’s a little nuts with the reservations lately! It’s very hard to get in. But the lunch menu is equally amazing, I promise! Also make sure you order one of the fancy coffee drinks at lunch – they are really spectacular and probably the best, most amazing coffee specialty I’ve had in my life!

  11. Maureen Salo

    Went to giada’s for our 25th anniversary lunch…very disappointed…service was fabulous…lunch…very limited menu…a Caesar salad with shrimp..really two shrimp…and we watched people go down an escalator through the entire meal…served in the heated sun of Vegas….at our window seat…won’t be back…or recommend to anyone