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12 Things to Love About Mon Ami Gabi

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If you haven’t done Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas, you haven’t truly done Vegas! This charming bistro (which, we’re pretty sure, is a fancy word for “restaurant”) is a popular favorite with locals and visitors alike, serving up tempting libations, delicious food and a peerless people-watching view of the Strip.

Here are our favorite things at Mon Ami Gabi, in no particular order.

1. The smiles. Let’s just get this one right out of the way. Every single member of the staff at Mon Ami Gabi during our recent visit was friendly, helpful and downright cheery.

Mon Ami Gabi

Bing! Tracy and her cohorts at Mon Ami Gabi make you feel right at home.

2. Bloody Marys! Some of the best in town.

Bloody Mary

Bonus factoid: Many believe the Bloody Mary is named after Hollywood star Mary Pickford.

3. No, seriously, the Bloody Marys. Where else can you find an expansive Bloody Mary Bar, guaranteeing the ultimate Bloody Mary experience?

Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary nirvana.

4. The blueberry waffles. Two great things, dancing together on one plate.

blueberry waffle

Dance, blueberry waffle, dance.

5. Mammoth “bowls” of cappuccino gulpiness (probably not a real word). There’s more to love, of course, including café latte and café au lait.


Bonus factoid: "Cappuccino" comes from the color of the habits of Capuchin friars. We have no explanation whatsoever for the blue fingernail polish.

6. Quiche, baby. Mon Ami Gabi serves up both Vegetable Quiche (with asparagus, pea and spinach) and Classic Quiche Lorraine (featuring, uh, Lorraine).


While thought to be French, the quiche actually originated in Germany.

7. Mimosa! This tantalizing combination of champagne and orange juice is a hit with Mon Ami Gabi guests. The perfect perk-me-up after an evening of Vegas revelry.


Mimosas are named after the flower of the mimosa plant.

8. Champagne! Granted, the aforementioned mimosas are world-class, but sometimes, you just want to skip the orange juice and enjoy the champagne on its own. Mon Ami Gabi has all your favorites including Veuve Clicquot, Henriot, Pommery and Dom Pérignon, as well as other fabulous champagnes we couldn’t afford even if we sold our spleens on the organ black market.


Champagne is made using "in-bottle secondary fermentation," whatever that might actually be.

9. Strawberry waffle! Sweet, succulent and zingy. Just like this Las Vegas blog.


With or without whipped cream. Swoon.

10. The eggs! Fresh and served up in ways that will make you wobbly. Omelettes galore, poached with corned beef hash, Gluten-Free or Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and more.


You expected us to make a crack about eggs, didn't you?

11. Melon! It’s more than melon, it’s art. Art you eat. Which in some ways diminishes its resale value, but in many ways is still highly scrumptious.


We think this is called the "Disco Melon," but aren't positive. We are a blog, not a note taker.

12. It’s Vegas. What else would we have as #12?

mon ami gabi

Whatever your heart and liver desire! Find it at Mon Ami Gabi.

We’ll see you soon at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas. See the full menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner right here.

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