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15 Things To Know About Caesars Palace’s Latest Las Vegas Restaurant MR CHOW

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Las Vegas Restaurant MR CHOW at Caesars Palace

Chow, darling!

The Las Vegas restaurant scene has been salivating for years at the hope of a MR CHOW location, and as of Dec. 15, Sin City finally got its wish. Caesars Palace scored the legendarily trendy hot spot, upping its restaurant game another notch. (As if it needed it—with Flay, Nobu, Ramsay and Savoy under its Roman-themed roof, the addition of CHOW is icing on the cake.)

As Caesars Palace enters its 50th anniversary year, it’s a perfect time to visit and dine at one of the few places in town with authentic Beijing cuisine. After booking your reservation, here are 15 things to know before you nosh.

1. Though the brand debuted in 1968, this is only the seventh MR CHOW location to open. There are outposts in the most fabulous spots worldwide, such as Beverly Hills, New York City, London, Miami and Malibu.

2. Founder Michael Chow is as much of a restaurateur as he is a designer. That’s another reason why his restaurants boast impeccable aesthetic detail when it comes to art, design, furniture, color and lighting. (He has even designed Giorgio Armani boutiques.) The waiting lounge is particularly chic, boasting bronze furniture and custom Clive Barker artwork.

3. It’s one of the few places in the U.S. you can get true Beijing cuisine, which is why the menu is so carefully curated. In all the decades MR CHOW has been open, only 25 percent of the menu has changed.

4. The only feature exclusive to the Las Vegas location is the champagne lounge, located at the entrance. Being that this is Vegas and all, Chow wanted a posh, celebratory arrival experience highlighted by multiple premium champagnes by the glass. An original Jeff Koons “Balloon Venus” sculpture highlights the luxe bottles on display.

5. Speaking of champagne…more bubbles await once you’re seated in the lush dining room. A champagne trolley roves around all night long with waiting glasses of Krug Grande Cuveé or Dom Pérignon.

6. Some crucial numbers: The 1,600 square foot restaurant seats nearly 250, and features three private dining rooms, bar seating and four terraces with seasonal seating.

7. This isn’t your typical restaurant—entertainment is a huge part of the MR CHOW dining experience. Think atmospheric elements and nightly “shows.” We won’t give too many details away, so you’ll have to see these six shows for yourself: the champagne trolley, the decanting of the wine, the Sole filleting, the Beijing Duck, the MR CHOW noodle show and the dessert trolley.

8. Keeping with the stark white interior, you’ll find plenty of flawlessly fresh floral arrangements throughout the restaurant. A centerpiece features more than 150 lilies, while each table has individual orchids in hand-blown glass vases.

Dining Room inside MR CHOW's Las Vegas restaurant

9. Chow’s actual signature is everywhere, from the silver engraved utensils to the entrée plates.

10. One pinnacle of MR CHOW is a shared dining experience. As a special occasion type of venue, it encourages parties, celebrations and communal dining on its Beijing cuisine. Make sure to try a little of each tasty dish, then pass around. That will give you plenty of room to sample chicken satay, turnip puff, glazed prawns, Ma Mignon, green prawns, MR CHOW noodles and the Beijing Duck, which is roasted to order and carved tableside.

11. This Las Vegas restaurant’s “wow factor” design feature is The Moon, a 3,800-pound kinetic sculpture suspended from the ceiling. The one-of-a-kind masterpiece resembles a full moon until it goes into an active state. Only then does it perform a four minute show, maneuvering into various configurations. The sculpture’s exterior is a crisp white, echoing the restaurant’s monochromatic coloring, while the inside is Yves Klein Blue.

12. Made of floor-to-ceiling glass, the swanky wine room is fully stocked with more than 150 selections.

13. If you’ve save room for dessert, selections including Grand Marnier marinated oranges, toasted coconut cake and white chocolate tofu raspberry cheesecake. These beauties are all presented on a custom-made Christofle trolley.

14. The five-star service is thanks to a harmonious team of servers, including a designated captain and his attentive team of meticulously trained professionals.

15. The cocktail menu’s most enchanting gem is the Chow-lini: Moet & Chandon champagne topped with a house-made peach foam that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

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