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15 Things We’re Loving at Harrah’s Vegas Right Now

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We’ve decided we don’t visit Harrah’s Las Vegas enough. Why? Because there’s so much to love! Here are 15 things this blog is loving about Harrah’s right this very minute.

1. This Shirt

Who wouldn’t want to stroll down The Strip with a little Hugh Hefner vibe going on? Get this long-sleeve tee in the gift shop at Harrah’s.

Robe shirt

Waxing not included.

2. Pool Season

It can never arrive too soon, or stay too long.

Harrah's pool

Insider tip: Go up the stairs on this end of the pool for some sweet rooftop tanning action.

3. Poolside Mimosas

Speaking of the pool, don’t miss the eye-opening mimosas at the pool’s bar. There’s a deal going on at the moment, but we can’t remember what it is, for obvious reasons.


Champagne glasses are for babies.

4. Cheap Keno

Looking for a great value in the casino? Check out the keno “Stimulus” deal below. You get to play 100 keno games for a nickel each, for a total of $5. “Catch-all” means you have to hit 100% of the numbers you select. Tough, but not impossible. And did we mention your total investment is $5?

Insider tip: You can buy-in for 1,000 keno games at once at Harrah’s. Do it as you’re heading back home, and check to see if you’ve won online at Yay, technology.


See all the stimulus jokes we’re not making? Maturity is this blog’s calling card.

5. Brandi

What we meant to say is we’re loving Numb, where Brandi works as a bartender. Unlike many of its slushy drink bar competitors, Numb is a full bar, with a number of delicious signature cocktails.


Thanks for playing along, Brandi.

6. 500-Degree Plates

After trying Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, it’s going to be weird going back to a regular steakhouse. That’s because Ruth’s Chris serves its amazing meat on plates baked to 500 degrees. That means your steak is sizzling when it arrives, and that makes a great steak incredible.

500 degress plate

“Would you like a side of aloe with that?”

7. The Purple Strap-On

Hey, that’s not our name for it! The Purple Strap-On is sold at everyone’s favorite place to party mid-Strip, Carnaval Court. You get the equivalent of 8-10 cocktails (see below for scale), which would normally cost $100 or more, for $40.

Bonus: You get to hang out with a Vegas legend, Brian Thomas. He formerly did a stint as Lucky the leprechaun at the now-closed O’Sheas casino, and was recently featured on “Counting Cars,” the reality show on the History channel.


Two of our favorite things in Las Vegas.

8. French Kiss Oysters

Oyster Bar at Harrah’s has some die-hard fans! Here’s a little tip: Before you visit, download the Oysterpedia app. You’ll need it to keep up with all the varieties of oysters at this popular Harrah’s hot spot. We used the free app to learn French Kiss oysters come from Neguac, New Brunswick, Canada and have a flavor profile that’s “high in salinity, with a sweet finish.”

French Kiss oysters

French Kiss oysters, like many Las Vegas performers, have “deep cups.” Hey, it says so in the app!

9. Jerry Lee Lewis

So, in an ensemble show like Million Dollar Quartet, you’re not supposed to play favorites. Everyone is equally awesome and contributes to the overall blah, blah, blah. Seriously, though, Martin Kaye, who plays Jerry Lee Lewis in the hotel’s new musical, steals the show and will blow you away with his unbelievable talent, musical and otherwise. We promise.

Martin Kaye

Martin Kaye, one of the many talented performers in “Million Dollar Quartet.” Happy now?

10. The Dessert Station at Flavors Buffet

Flavors Buffet doesn’t get a lot of glory, but it’s dependably good, especially the desserts. When you think you’re done tasting everything, there’s another dozen or so offerings beyond that, and the temptations never seem to end. Our tip: Start your Flavors Buffet visit with dessert. Rules, schmules. It’s Vegas.


Tell the tarts at Harrah’s we sent you.

11. This Bank of Slots

We love to play slots, but the machines below hold a special place in this blog’s heart.

Slot machines

Can you tell what makes them special?

Why do we love them, despite the fact we’ve never played them? Because they’re aspirational! See, on these machines, you have a choice to make your “coins” worth $100 or $500. And it’s two coins a spin. That means if you see someone playing them, they could be betting $1,000 per spin. Hey, in Vegas, it’s go big or go home!

Slot machine

They don’t call them “high limit” slots for nothing.

12. Craps With Fresh Air and Sunlight

Hey, we love a casino with a little smoke for atmosphere as much as the next blog, but at Harrah’s Las Vegas, the craps table is close to a wide open door (facing Carnaval Court and The Quad), so you get fresh air and real sunlight.

Fresh air craps

The ideal mix of inside and out.

13. IcePan

This one’s never leaving our list of things we love at Harrah’s, ever. Made from scratch, this low-cal, no-additives ice cream can alter your state of being and magically transport you to your happy place.

Strawberry Cheesecake

The Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is made from both actual strawberries and actual cheesecake.

14. KGB Burgers

It seems like KGB: Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers adds new menu items almost hourly, which makes it worthy of frequent visits. Below, some kind of heavenly concoction of sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese and a fabulous set of buns.


Watch for monthly specials that pair burgers and KGB’s signature shakes.

15. This

Stop by the Higuchi Gallery shop at Harrah’s for this monster. Hey, we did say “go big or go home,” right?

Giant flask

That oughta hold you.

We feel like we’re just getting started! Now, stop daydreaming and get back to work. Or, alternatively, “Come to Las Vegas. The official opposite of work.” TM

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    RickyHanson says: food, drinks, fun, and gambling, Vegas is awesome.

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    How much time do you have to claim a Keno prize after you won?

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    Hello, and thank you for writing. It’s recommended that you claim your Keno prize immediately, prior to the start of the next Keno game. Best of luck!