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20 New Things in Downtown Las Vegas

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There’s always something new to see and do in Sin City, and this Las Vergas blog loves it some newness, whether it’s on the Strip or downtown.

Recently, we grabbed our trusty camera and went on a walkabout downtown, bringing back poorly-researched news about 20 new things you may find interesting, intriguing or, more probably, the perfect excuse to avoid work for the next 10 minutes. Oh, and remember, even though some may not be completely new, they may very well be new to you, so here we go!

1. Tasti D-Lite Patio at Binion’s

Binion’s has built a little patio for its Tasti D-Lite customers. It’s a great spot for people-watching, despite the fact Tasti D-Lite appears to have chosen a company name on a day when its spellcheck was on the fritz.

Binion's Tasti D-Lite

It's like a petting zoo enclosure, but in a good way.

2. Pole Dancers in Benny’s Bullpen

Yep, that’s new. The dancers recently began performing on Friday and Saturday nights in the small bar near the casino’s sports book.

Benny's Bullpen

Insider tip: In Vegas, "free entertainment" sometimes has quotation marks around it.

3. Fitzgerald’s Gets a New Name (Definitely) and Logo (Maybe)

Our friends at have been digging around on the U.S. Trademark site, and appear to have turned up a new logo for The D, formerly Fitzgerald’s. Nothing’s been confirmed officially, but those logo rumors are fresh and tasty. Or “tasti,” whichever you prefer.

Fitzgerald's casino

Apparently, "The F" just didn't have the same ring to it.

4. “Marriage Can Be Murder” at the Fitz

It’s best to caveat one’s emptor when it comes to shows touting themselves as “Vegas’ #1” whatever, but this show appears to have some proponents. Read more from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Marriage Can Be Murder

Whether the show's good or not, we're 74% sure you won't actually die laughing.

5.Fremont Offers $3 Blackjack and Craps, 24-7

We were ready to pounce on some false advertising here, but we actually did find $3 craps and blackjack tables at the Fremont. Guess we’ll have to hold off on our pouncing this time.

Fremont craps blackjack

The tables were crowded, but they were there.

6. Sharpshooter Club Rewards Long Craps Rolls

The Fremont is the only casino we know where there’s a roll counter thingy in the middle of the table (see below). The casino’s new Sharpshooter Club rewards those who reach at least 25 rolls. Prizes include things like player points, jackets, etc. If you hit 60 rolls, you’re immortalized on a wall display a few feet from the craps area. Craps newness!

Fremont craps

There are strict rules that prohibit photographing the craps tables at the Fremont casino. Probably.

7. Golden Gate Adds Another Outside Bar

It already had one, often topped with bartending go-go dancers, and now the Golden Gate has added another outside bar. No dancing, as far as we could tell, but nothing’s perfect in life.

Golden Gate bar

Soon, you'll have to turn sideways to make your way down the Fremont Street Experience.

8. A Wall Appears Where the Shrimp Cocktails Once Were

There’s a lot going on at the Golden Gate, including temporarily shutting down its famed shrimp cocktail snack bar for a casino expansion. Never fear, the cheap shrimp cocktails will return when the snack bar opens in the spot currently taken by the hotel’s lobby.

Golden Gate construction

That's the wall where the shrimp used to be.

9. Spankings Added to Heart Attack Grill Festivities

Everyone who dines at the new Heart Attack Grill restaurant downtown has to wear a hospital gown. The newness? You get to keep your gown if you let the staff spank you. No, we’re not making this up.

Heart Attack Grill

The place was packed, so stop your judging.

10. La Bayou Has a New Most-Popular Daiquiri

We figured the most popular daiquiri at the La Bayou slot extravaganza and daiquiri bar would always be strawberry, even though it recently went virgin. But now, we’re informed Jungle Juice is the most popular flavor. These are some of the most reliably delicious daiquiris in town, so give them a taste.

La Bayou daiquiri

A sign outside says 26 flavors. Um, not so much.

11. Luna Rossa Restaurant at Neonopolis

We love seeing new businesses opening at Neonopolis, and Luna Rossa Restaurant is the latest offering. There are still some kinks to work out, but the Italian menu is moderately priced, and a window behind the bar opens up into the Fremont Street Experience, so this place should do well as the weather heats up. Insider stuff: The restaurant originally had white tablecloths on the tables, but customers thought it was a fine dining establishment, turned around and left. Bare tops seem more appropriate for Vegas, anyway.

Luna Rossa restaurant

Yay for new offerings at Neonopolis.

12. White Castle Sliders at Mermaids

Mermaids, home of downtown’s most talked-about, cheap, deep-fried stuff (Oreos and Twinkies) now offers White Castle Sliders. All right, it’s not front-page news, but when you’re roaming downtown, these might just hit the spot.


You'll know Mermaids when you see it, trust us.

13. Mob Bar

This new offering is near the Triple George Grill and the Hogs & Heifers Saloon, and it’s meant to have the vibe of a 1920s speakeasy. It was closed when we visited, but we’ll be making another stop soon to check out Mob Bar. Find out just about anything you’d ever want to know about downtown bars at

Mob Bar

We don't know the difference between a speakeasy and a bar. We admit it.

14. Oscar’s Steakhouse at The Plaza

The former Las Vegas mayor’s name is all over this restaurant and bar which resides in the space formerly occupied by Firefly. Oscar Goodman is said to schmooze guests, and the views are unbelievable.


The full name is "Oscar's: Beef, Booze, Broads." It's Las Vegas, so just deal.

15. Rocco’s Wants You to Have a Free Cigar

Go on, have a cigar, just nowhere near us, please. Anyway, this cigar stand outside Oscar’s is brand new, and the owner said if you stop by and mention the Pulse of Vegas blog, you’ll get a free cigar. Not that we condone that kind of thing.


We don't judge, we just report. And, yes, we tried to type that with a straight face.

16.There’s This

It’s on Fremont Street and it’s new, therefore, it makes our list of new things downtown.

Pizza stand

Fact: Chuckwagons in the old west often served pizza. And churros. Or something.

17. Swingers Club Offers Free Comedy Shows

The Swingers Club at the Plaza, operated by none other than Paris Vegas headliner Anthony Cools, is serving up some free comedy on Wednesday nights. We love us some free Vegas stuff.

Swingers Club at Plaza

Yes, we could have mentioned this with the other Plaza stuff. Stop your nagging and get your own blog.

18. Las Vegas Club Loosens Its Slots

A sign on the wall inside the Las Vegas Club casino says it loosened its slots by 40%. We do not have the energy to find out what that means or to verify the claim, but the sign is new, so we’re sharing it.

Las Vegas Club casino

That sounds like it may require the assistance of a physician.

19. Las Vegas Club Dancers Get Tarred and Feathered, But Without the Tar

These Las Vegas Club go-go dancer uniforms featuring feathers are new.

Vegas go-go dancer

Poor toucans. So to speak.

20. Vegas StrEATS Festival

This gathering, boasting food trucks, music, fashion and art, has been going on for a few months now, but in the grand expanse of time, it’s still relatively new. Find out more.

Vegas StrEATS

Follow the light. Hint: If you hit the Luxor, you're no longer downtown.

That’s it. We’re spent. Our feet are swollen. Our liver is possibly damaged. Our camera batteries need recharging. The things this blog does for you.

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