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7 Juicy Tidbits Chef Guy Fieri Served Up at the Opening of El Burro Borracho

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It may have been April Fools’ Day, but what Guy Fieri served up at the grand opening of El Burro Borracho was no joke. A VooDoo Beach poolside fiesta was had by all as the TV personality, restaurateur and celebrated chef feted his fans the only way he knows how—with a Flavortown of food. Trash Can Nachos, Corn off the Cob and Caliente Margaritas formed a foodie trifecta while several Chippendales dancers and the cast of Rock of Ages got in formation to deliver the day’s entertainment.

Despite all the fun, we were able to steal the Food Network star away from the festivities and get him to divulge (and indulge) when sharing what to expect with his latest addition to restaurants in Las Vegas.

“We’re going to get that palette moving. We’re going to get herbaceous. We’re going to get sweet. We’re going to move around the board.” Get ready to sink your teeth into 7 juicy tidbits from the celeb chef himself.

1. It’s all happening. And happening his way…

Guy Fieri dishes it up at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“How funny I’m opening my second restaurant in the city—I mean I love Las Vegas. You know, this isn’t just a “Hey Guy, we want to do this kind of restaurant. Would you sign on for it?” I got to design this baby from dirt.

There’s so many amazing chefs out in the world right now—celebrity and not celebrity—it doesn’t matter. They’re just phenomenal chefs. For me to have just one restaurant? That’s a phenomenon. To have two?! And Laughlin—to have three?! That’s why I said April Fools? I had to watch myself when I walked in.”

2. He Didn’t Think the Three-Sheets-To-The-Wind Name Would Fly…

Guy Fieri dishes it up at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“They said are you thinking of a name? I go yeah, I’m thinking, uh, El Burro Borracho. They go, does that mean the drunk donkey? And I’m like, absolutely! And I’m thinking, oh s–t, I’m losing. I’m not going to get this through. And they go, it’s awesome!

See… this is fun. This is a party. Doesn’t mean because it’s a party, that it’s not legit food. The food is the first and the foremost. The service is fantastic. The energy is positive and fun. The drinks are righteous. They’re real deal. But that’s what I feel when I go to Mexico. You don’t go to Mexico not to have fun. You go to have a blast. So when I think Mexican food and I think Burro Borracho, what could be more fun than a drunk donkey?!”

3. Fear factored into his career choice…

Guy Fieri dishes it up at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“I built and opened my first restaurant when I was 26. It’s all I ever wanted to be. Just wanted to have my own restaurant. That was my sign of success. First I wanted to be a great dad, be a great husband, be a great member of the community, be a great friend. But in my life of food, I never had a second choice.

Okay, I wanted to be Evel Knievel, but I was scared of heights. I’m a huge Evel Knievel fan, but I couldn’t. I was scared of heights so I could never jump my motorcycle over a foot. So this was all I ever had was to be a chef and be a restaurant owner.”

4. He honed his culinary skills in France, but his most important cooking lessons began at home…

Guy Fieri dishes it up at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“My sister, although younger than me—great teacher—taught me a lot. When she was going through cancer, dying from cancer, I was cooking for her. She had to have certain PH and alkalinity foods, certain things she couldn’t have so it really challenged me as a chef to make great food, but make it in these unique situations that I’ve never been in. And it all goes from there.”

Fieri honors his late sister, Morgan Fieri, with each restaurant he creates and El Burro Borracho is no different. Look up when you walk in and you’ll find her spirited likeness among the more rollicking renderings of his life. “Every one of my restaurants I put a mural of my sister. The best way that you can keep somebody alive is to honor them all the time. Talk about them all the time. Keeps them going. Keeps them present.”

5. He’s rocked it on Broadway…

Guy Fieri rocks out at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.“At my restaurant in New York we used to have Rock of Ages right next door so I would go. The Rock of Ages show is such a kick in the ass so I went to the show 3 or 4 times. And then I got to know all the crew—all the performers. They would come to the restaurant at night. So one night I said, hey I want to go on stage. I had one line! I think my line was, “You bet!”

And let me tell you something. The way they piece it together. What they do with it. You love the songs. We lived those songs and the way they put it together. The way it’s written. It’s a blast! Look at what Rio’s got going on…they’ve got a lot of people having a great time. So I think that the people that are going to go to the Rock of Ages and dig that are going to have a blast at Borracho.”

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6. His Famous catchphrases are off-the-cuff…

Guy Fieri serves up the party at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

When asked to deliver a catchphrase that best sums up what he wants diners to experience at El Burro Borracho, Fieri fired off “Righteous at the Rio” with lightning speed. “I mean, look at where you’re at. Your room prices are great. You’re right across from the Strip. You’re in its own community with the things they have to do. And the shows that they have. Now you got us, El Burro Borracho. You got a great party place. A great place to bring the family. Taco bar outside—so it is—it’s righteous at the Rio.”

But don’t be mistaken. Fieri doesn’t have these one-liners memorized and prepared ahead of time. “I’m doing it because I like to laugh. I like to laugh. I like to talk smack. I’m not sitting around like let me think of a bunch of these.”

7. He can’t choose just one favorite dish…

Guy Fieri dishes it up at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“It’s like asking me who’s my favorite kid, what’s my favorite band. You can’t. Because you’ve got to be in the moment. Sitting right here, looking at a waterfall, drinking a Caliente margarita with that festive chair …that’s the kind of stuff I want people to feel when they come here. It’s not just the dish. It’s the experience.”
However, when pressed for the must-haves—well, he dished:

1. Chips and Salsa

“I judge it right off the bat, baby! What do the chips taste like? Did we make the chips? Did we fry them here? Did we fry them today? Not yesterday. I want to run out of chips. I tell them, as it gets later in the evening, you better be frying batches of chips. I don’t want chips from yesterday. They get a different taste. If you’re going to consume a fried product, you better consume a damn good fried product.”

2. Burritos

“I love the burrito. We make a quesadilla first. We make a house cheese sauce—nacho cheese sauce. We make a quesadilla, then we make a burrito inside of it. We were doing that way before the fast food joints were doing it. We marinate all of our own meats. We make our own dressings, we make our own salsas.”

3. Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

“You got to try the shrimp cocktail. If you’ve been to Mexican restaurants you know they have the Mexican shrimp cocktail. We make ours with Fanta—with orange soda. We marinate and grill the shrimp and we serve them in this cross between a Mexican cocktail bloody mary sauce and it’s got tons of flavor. It’s an adventure.”

4. Trash Can Nachos

Guy Fieri serves up the Trash Can Nachos at El Burro Borracho--one of his restaurants in Las Vegas.

“You know what I hate about nachos? I have when nachos have dry chips. And all the s–ts up here and this is dead town down here. I want all the nachos, every chip, I want it to be done. So we take the nachos, the cheese, we take the beans and the chips and we mix it together and bring on top our meats, whatever they’re going to have, we mix together, we roast if off and we have it super hot. Then we put it into the—we call it the trash can—bring it to the table, top it with the pickled onions so you get that contrast of flavors, the salsas… You got give people a takeaway. It’s dinnertainment!”

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