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The Sweet Taste of Dessert

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Cake… and ice cream… and pudding… and more cake.

Now that we’ve wiped the drool from our faces, let’s get down to business. Las Vegas is known as a great food city, but most of that is due to the stunning amount of savory offerings. Don’t overlook our selection of sweets, which match up with any other food destination in the country. Here are some of our favorite ways to end a meal, perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Restaurant GUY SAVOYCaesars Palace

Coconut Six Ways

Guy Savoy's decadent desserts in Vegas - Coconut Six Ways

Chef Guy Savoy is too modest to talk himself up, so we’re doing it. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

In a restaurant renowned for stunning presentations, perhaps none is more striking than this one, created by Restaurant Guy Savoy’s executive pastry chef Sebastien Polycarpe. It’s a clear fish bowl filled with different textures of white. This exploration of coconut takes the diner on a textural roller coaster while showcasing the ingredient’s unique flavor. Refreshing sorbet, a crunchy dehydrated coconut milk chip, squishy tapioca, a technically perfect julienne, a cool granita and whimsical toasted coconut crispies make up the components. The greatest of chefs are often recognized for maximizing ingredients. This is an excellent example of why Guy Savoy is considered one of the greatest chefs in the world.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Decadent Dessert at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

We just stabbed our screen with a fork trying to reach Gordon Ramsay’s Sticky Toffee Pudding. Photo courtesy of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

One of the most famous chefs has taken one of the most famous desserts of his home country and brought it to a new level. It’s a perfectly warm sweet for a cold night. First, let’s be clear. This is a cake-based dessert. Spongy and light, the cake component features chopped dates, brown sugar, espresso, cocoa powder and then some. Salty, gooey toffee sauce is poured atop it, again redolent of brown sugar and butter. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it creates hot and cold sensations. There’s a reason Gordon Ramsay does variations of this at all of his Las Vegas restaurants. It’s that darn good.

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STRIP HOUSEPlanet Hollywood Resort & Casino

24 Layer Chocolate Cake

Strip House's famous 24-layer chocolate cake - Decadent desserts in Vegas

CAAAAAKKKKEEE. Strip House’s famous 24-layer chocolate cake. Photo courtesy of Strip House.

Originally from the New York outpost of the restaurant by the same name, this dessert has found fame on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. Food Network once proclaimed it the best chocolate dessert in America. It’s 12 layers of cake made from coffee and cocoa powder. Each layer – save for the top – is topped with chocolate custard, 11 layers in all, creating 23 of the 24 layers. That last layer is an even more chocolatey chocolate ganache. A full cake weighs more than 20 pounds. A slice weighs in at two pounds and usually feeds up to six patrons. This is the most decadent chocolate dessert one can eat.


Southern Fried Twinkies

Deep-fried temptation, the twinkies at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.

Deep-fried temptation, the twinkies at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Total Vegas Blog.

This is America on a plate. Take the beloved Hostess cake / sponge / snack invention, deep fry that thing, giving it a crunchy exterior, and serve with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. As country tunes play in the background, it’s like eating the 4th of July.


Guy’s Cheesecake Challenge

Guy's Cheesecake Challenge - Decadent Dessert Vegas Style

Guy’s Cheesecake Challenge. Challenge accepted Guy, challenge accepted. Photo courtesy of Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar.

Sweet and salty are a natural duo for a delightful dessert. Guy Fieri takes this concept and gives it the over-the-top treatment he is known for on his television show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” Everything he explores as a television personality seems to reflect his own food point of view: Amplify good things with more good things and then put more good things on them. This trip to “Flavortown” utilizes a half a cheesecake and tops it with hot fudge. Attached to different parts of the cake are potato chips and pretzels. It’s the most decadent cheesecake one could imagine.

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GIADAThe Cromwell

Limoncello Soufflé

Sweet endings… Limoncello soufflé with buttermilk gelato. #giadavegas ?: @dotsandhoney

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The star who has built her brand on California fresh cuisine with Italian accents proves that she is equally adept at taking her love of citrus and utilizing it in sweet components as well as she does in savory items. This soufflé arrives at the table as puffy and tall as one would expect. The Italian lemon liqueur permeates every bite. Crème anglaise adds necessary moistness to the whole thing. There’s a reason this is a signature dessert for the Food Network icon.

HEXX Kitchen + BarParis Las Vegas

Champagne Shaved Ice

Champagne Shaved Ice at Hexx

Our coolest treat – Champagne Shaved Ice. Photo courtesy of Hexx Kitchen + Bar.

Throw a dart at the dessert menu at this eatery and end up with something scrumptious. They might be known for their chocolate, but what they do goes far beyond cocoa. Check out this refined dessert. Champagne shaved ice is both playful and mature, served with champagne jelly, strawberry pearls and mint giving the diner a number of tastes.


The Eiffel Tower Soufflé

The Eiffel Tower Soufflé at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant chocolate souffle will make you fall in love with chocolate. Photo courtesy of Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

The classic French soufflé shines at this restaurant that sits 110 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. There are always at least six different flavors and the item is so popular that hundreds of them sell each night. The light and delicate eggy dessert offers different flavors combinations for each season. Summer featured lemon and blueberry. Raspberry was the flavor of choice in the spring. Fall brings out pumpkin. And winter showcases Mandarin orange. Year-round options include chocolate, Grand Marnier and pistachio. No matter the season, there is a light tower of rich goodness for everyone.

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