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A New Place for Mexican at the IP

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The Imperial Palace has added a new restaurant to its roster, Quesadilla! This new eatery features traditional Mexican dishes, with a fresh twist, served up in a South Beach, cantina-inspired atmosphere.

quesadilla interior

Cozy, huh?

We popped in to check out the new restaurant unannounced (that’s how we roll!), and the gregarious staff made us feel right at home. If, of course, your home has bicycles hanging from the ceiling.


Nice touch! We love quirky!

You’ll also feel right at home if your home has lamps fashioned from beer bottles. Which ours probably will at some point, because these things are cool.


Two words to make a beer lover's heart soar: Corona chandeliers.

Quesadilla serves up authentic Mexican dishes like chicken tortilla soup, sizzling fajitas and Cabo fish tacos, each made with the freshest ingredients and spicy sauces.


The signature Loco Loco Quesadilla. Tried 'em, loved 'em.

How do we know the ingredients are fresh? Well, we kind of stood in the kitchen and watched the freshness unfold before our eyes! There’s even a window into the kitchen so you, too, the ordinary, non-blogging human can partake of the freshness unfolding.

mexican shrimp

The Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail. Zippy!

If you can’t find your favorite Mexican dish on the menu, we’ll eat one of those giant, painfully hot peppers. (This statement is not legally binding. We’re a blog.)

taco salad

That taco salad kind of pushed its way to the front for this photo.

Another observation during our visit: Guests love the frozen margaritas. Kind of goes with the beachside vibe.

Latin influences can also be found in the delicious desserts. Traditional flan is served with Mexican caramel, and for the chocolate lover, there’s a tempting chocolate mousse or Kahlua cheesecake.

But the best thing about the place isn’t even on the menu. It’s the staff! From the cooks to the waitresses to the hostesses to the buspersons, everyone was friendly, helpful and patient. Mostly that last thing. Especially when it came to photo time!

quesadilla team

Yes, we forced them to hold food! They didn't complain. Clockwise: Rikki, Chef Art, Monique and Natalie.

Quesadilla’s decor includes funky art and chairs embellished with Spanish newspapers. And a parrot statue holding a beer. (Long story.) Flatscreen TVs are just the right fit for sports fans, but aren’t intrusive if you’re missing the sports gene.


Vandals! Kidding. The artwork was courtesy of spraycan artists from L.A.

Quesadilla is on the fifth floor of the Imperial Palace. It’s open for dinner, Sun. to Thu., 3-10:00 p.m. and Fri.-Sat., 3:00 p.m. to midnight.

Stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood. But, please, don’t try to drink the chandeliers.

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