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Appealing Appetizers – Start Your Meal Off Right

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We all know that expression about first impressions. The same can be said for first bites. The first bite is essential to predicting what type of meal you are likely getting. A bad first taste can ruin an entire meal, while a delicious initial bite can set the tone for an affair of culinary wonders.

Appetizers are often the unsung heroes of a great meal, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them. Here are some of our favorite Las Vegas starters:

BEER PARK Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

Macaroni + cheese + egg roll = delicious at Beer Park. Photo courtesy of Wicked Creative Media.

Beer Park

Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

Sometimes a title is all you need to get intrigued about a dish. At BEER Park at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, egg rolls – already a fine appetizer – are stuffed with macaroni and cheese – another already excellent app. The filling gets leveled up with house-smoked bacon and the entire crunchy, cheesy bite is amplified by dipping the egg roll into either barbecue sauce or chipotle ranch.


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Gordon Ramsay Burger

Burnt Ends Poutine

Gordon Ramsay knows how to make mouths water, no matter the course. At his titular burger joint, Gordon Ramsay Burger inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the celebrity chef presents his take on a Canadian classic with some good old, fashioned American barbecue mixed in because, why not?

Burnt ends poutine features chunks of the scrumptious brisket sitting on top of thick french fries. Black pepper gravy and cheddar cheese curds bring the proper poutine over-the-top richness to the dish while pickled onions give a necessary acidic kick.

Best Las Vegas appetizer can be found at Beijing Noodle No. 9 soup dumplings at Caesars Palace

What awaits inside Beijing Noodle No. 9 soup dumplings is a world of taste. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Beijing Noodle 9

Shanghai Soup Dumplings with Pork

A proper soup dumpling is one of the most comforting foods the world has ever known. Nobody in Las Vegas does them better than Beijing Noodle No. 9 at Caesars Palace. Pork continues to cook in its own broth while wrapped inside a doughy pocket. Bite into the pouch and get a mouthful of pig along with the soup, which is necessary to suck up immediately but not until it’s cooled off. There is a skill to eating something this delicious, as there should be.

Red Chile Barbecue Duck

There’s a whole lot to like on this red chile bbq duck at Mesa Grill. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Mesa Grill

Red Chile BBQ Duck

Bobby Flay is a master of Southwestern flavors. Start your meal off at Mesa Grill inside Caesars Palace with Flay’s take on barbecued duck. A red chili rub brings the heat to the fowl but it’s the variety of accompaniments that elevate the dish to its maximum taste capacity. A johnny cake made of blue corn and red quinoa adds a colorful and sturdy base. Fresh figs bring in some sweetness to complement the duck and cracklings (duck skin) add a worthy crunch. This is a harmonious plate full of textures and flavors.

Hell's Kitchen Scallops

Pan seared scallops from Gordon Ramsay at Hell’s Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Hell’s Kitchen

Pan Seared Scallops

Two of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous dishes are found in the appetizer section at Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace, the restaurant named after his hit television show. The renowned pan seared scallops get a hard sear on the sea creature but still allow them to maintain the correct chewiness. A mix of celery root, bacon lardons and pickled granny smith apples creates an amalgam of tastes to cleanse the palate between bites of of the scallop.

Lobster Risotto at Hell's Kitchen

Lobster risotto done the Gordon Ramsay way at Hell’s Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Lobster Risotto

On the television show “Hell’s Kitchen,” risotto is an item that separates the winners from the losers quite often. It’s as much about technique as it is about taste. An overcooked or under-cooked plate of arborio rice ruins the entire thing. The same can be said for lobster. It’s as much about precise cooking as it is about anything else. The lobster risotto features a luxurious butter poached lobster tail sitting atop a luscious truffle risotto studded with crispy onions to give the whole thing a little crunch. These are two apps that have earned their reputations.


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Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar

Jalapeno Pig Poppers

Guy Fieri, you are a sassy one, aren’t you? As with most of the current menu at his LINQ Hotel & Casino restaurant, Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, this appetizer is one of those everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style starters that features one tasty ingredient mixed with the next. This iteration of the jalapeno popper goes from basic to delicious overload as quickly as it takes Fieri to rev up whatever vintage car he is driving on the current episode of “Triple D.”

Jalapeno pig poppers stuff the pepper with andouille sausage and cheese, then wrap the whole thing in maple bacon, then glaze that whole thing with bourbon brown sugar barbecue sauce, then smoke that whole thing, then serve that whole thing with vegetable crudité and tangy house-made ranch. Only from the mind of Guy Fieri could that whole thing come.


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Burger Brasserie

Chicago Hot Dog Sliders

It might be called Burger Brasserie, but this Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino restaurant is taking the classic Chicago hot dog and upscaling them in a big way. Wagyu beef dogs are the meat of choice for this excellent app. The weiners are placed on sesame buns and then topped with Chicago-style relish, mustard, tomatoes, cucumbers, sport peppers and celery salt. One bite of these baddies and you’ll be rooting for the Cubs in no time.

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