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Carlos’n Charlie’s Las Vegas Opens at Flamingo

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The new Carlos’n Charlie’s restaurant has officially opened its doors at Flamingo Las Vegas, to much fanfare. Which is oddly appropriate, because this blog is already a “fan” of its “fare.” And just about everything else at this lively, liquor-fueled, tongue-in-cheek dining experience.

Why do we call it an experience? The best analogy we can think of is that Carlos’n Charlie’s is like being on a cruise ship, but without the need for Dramamine.

Carlos'n Charlie's restaurant Flamingo

This is the inside, but the weather's also perfect for the outside.

Like we’re not going to show you the outside.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Our new casa away from casa.

Carlos’n Charlie’s has more than a few surprises in store. Among them, the impressive girth of its beverages.

Behold the “Big Mama,” below ($28, or $26.50 for Total Rewards loyalty program members). This cup holds 28 ounces of liquid, but because of a removable inner chamber, could ultimately be used for drinks with 138 ounces. Fingers crossed.

Carlos'n Charlie's restaurant Flamingo

It's a little like Tom Cruise filming a scene with Shaquille O'Neal. Or something.

Signature drinks have names like Dumb Bet, Strawberry Squash, Caipirinha, Sunset in Las Vegas and the one in the goblet above, Crazy Bastard on the Strip. We are not making this up. We have to say, the strawberry margarita was up there with the best in Las Vegas. And we have a fairly large sample size to compare it to. Ahem.

Highly recommended appetizer: The chicken quesadilla. This one pretty much rules as the best we’ve had in Sin City, ever. Quesadilla, by the way, is Spanish for “mind, meet blown.”

Carlos'n Charlie's restaurant Flamingo

Congrats. You just met your new favorite appetizer. You're welcome.

Another surprise? Spoiler alert: If you order ketchup, you’re going to get an ample supply. In our case, we were just thinking about asking for ketchup to accompany our Parmesan & Swiss Chicken (below). Carlos’n Charlie’s, apparently, is staffed by ketchup psychics.

Carlos'n Charlie's restaurant Flamingo

Leave your pretentious, other you at the door.

It’s hard to explain, but every waiter and waitress converges on your table with ketchup. You’ll have to see it for yourself, hilarity-wise.

Oh, and there’s also a ketchup ambassador. (Probably not his official title.)

Carlos'n Charlie's Las Vegas

Don't panic. It wasn't weird. Just let Carlos'n Charlie's do its thing. Trust us.

Also, surprisingly not weird, were the spontaneous outbursts of dancing at Carlos’n Charlie’s. We usually hate that kind of thing. But the staff’s having such a blast, you almost can’t help but take part. Almost. We had other things demanding our attention. Which leads us to…

One of the happier surprises involves the restaurant’s desserts. Just brace yourself. Objects photographed are much, much larger than they appear.

Carlos'n Charlie's dessert

You won't have room, but you also won't be able to resist. These are the kinds of conundra for which this blog lives.

We took extensive notes about the desserts at Carlos’n Charlie’s. Unfortunately, looking at those notes today, they appear to have been written while inside a tumble dryer. Oh, well, let’s just say our favorite was the brownie thing, above.

See more goodness in our photo gallery. There was something with bananas. Something with chocolate. Something creamy. And pretty much everything had ice cream. And was scrumptious to the point of nearly forcing us to use the letters “OMG,” despite the fact this blog is not a 14-year-old girl.

Carlos'n Charlie's dessert

Granted, not every "dessert" has chocolate in it.

Enjoy our exclusive photo gallery of some of the offerings at Carlos’n Charlie’s at Flamingo Las Vegas, and get in line! It’s going to be a wild ride, and one you won’t want to miss.

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