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Diet Busters – The Best Vegas Food To Eat When You Want To Cheat

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You’ve been good all year. Maybe you were trying to get your beach bod ready for the summer. Maybe you had to look your best at your wedding. Maybe you set a goal for yourself to drop some pounds just because. Whatever your reason, we applaud the healthy lifestyle choices you’ve made recently. And we also empathize with your cravings to be naughty, go off that diet and get all the sensory sensations possible due to a gut bomb of scrumptious calories.

You are in Las Vegas, after all. It’s the perfect town to break all the rules. With that in mind, we present to you our picks for Las Vegas restaurants and best diet busters.

Best Cheat Day Diet Food in Las Vegas


You’ve had enough halves of grapefruits and egg-white frittatas lately. Now it’s time wake up and eat a meal  that tastes so good and sits in your belly so long that you’ll have to take a nap after you’re finished with it. We’re pretty sure that’s how science works.

Head to Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace for a breakfast quesadilla unlike any other. First of all, they had us at breakfast quesadilla. Then we looked further into it and found out the components of said item. It’s a crispy bacon and hash brown quesadilla that also features a fried egg and spicy tomato salsa. That sounds quesa-delicious. Note: We, too, are disappointed in ourselves for using that pun.

At Paris Las Vegas, HEXX Kitchen + Bar is presenting a Benedict so good they named the restaurant after it – or vice versa – whatever. The Hexx Benedict takes a normal Benedict and body slams it with one tasty item after the next. Poached eggs, scalloped potatoes, Canadian bacon, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce make up this magical morning meal. This is one hex we’re happy to be put under. Note: We are still not happy with our pun game.

The Benedict is the breakfast buster of choice in this town. Look no further than  Hash House A Go Go at The LINQ Hotel & Casino for more evidence. By the way, if you didn’t expect HHAGG to make this list, then you’ve clearly never heard of HHAGG, the countrified diner that specializes in “twisted farm food.” Remember that show “Man Versus Food?” It was a television program where a guy ate so much he had to change the premise of the show and have others do the eating challenges for him because of how unhealthy he got – at least that’s our theory.

Anyway, one of the “MVF” favorites at HHAGG was Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict. This breakfast sammie of sorts has fresh spinach on it, but we aren’t holding that against it because it also has hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato (again, not holding it against it), griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs. It’s served on a fresh split biscuit and because that isn’t quite enough, it comes with a side of griddled mashed potatoes. If that doesn’t fill you up, we’d like to know what does.


Are you ready to whet your appetite with first courses so big they should be considered full meals? So are we!

Best cheat day diet food in Las Vegas, head over to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill for some tasty appetizers

Who better to make you salted beef poutine than this guy? Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Walk – nay, run – nay, waddle or roll on over to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace and get yourself salted beef poutine. This British/Canadian mashup is the best collaboration between these strange bedfellows since the War of 1812. Corned beef brisket, Guinness gravy and mozzarella cheese curds are poured over french fries. In retrospect, maybe it’s more of an Irish/French Canadian collaborative creation, but the analogy about that whole war thing wouldn’t have worked as well that way.

Now it’s time to Uber across the street to Bally’s Las Vegas and then ask someone to give you a piggyback ride to BLT Steak. Speaking of pigs, order the grilled double cut smoked bacon. Simply prepared with parsley, garlic and sherry, this app is all about the pork.


It’s time to cleanse your palate with a nice, petite salad. Or in these cases, just keep adding on to the epicurean insanity with these greens plus toppings.

Kitchen Sink Salad at Old Homestead pairs well with a T-bone steak - Cheat day diet food in Las Vegas

The Kitchen Sink Salad at Old Homestead. Feel free to wash it down with a T-bone. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

They call it the Kitchen Sink Salad at Old Homestead Steakhouse in Caesars Palace because they basically throw everything in there but… a slice of pizza. Er um, the kitchen sink. Shrimp, salami, bacon, avocado, tomato, hearts of palm, blue cheese crumbles and Champagne vinaigrette compose this plate that would frighten your dietitian.

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Of course, no over-the-top Las Vegas food list would be complete without an appearance from the dyed-blonde hair-having, flame shirt-adorning, backwards sunglasses-wearing pop cultural presence known as Guy Fieri. At his LINQ outpost, Guy Fieri’s Las Vegas Kitchen & Bar, he presents The Italian Deli salad in which provolone cheese is wrapped in prosciutto, making a bowl of sorts. Inside the prosciut-o-lone bowl sits imported Italian meats and cheeses, pickled Italian vegetables, lettuce and olives — and it’s all doused with red wine vinaigrette.


Hog Burger at Gordon Ramsay Burger is the perfect cheat day diet meal in Las Vegas

You’ll want to “hog” this burger at Gordon Ramsay Burger.

The omnipresent Gordon Ramsay makes another appearance on the list, this time with his Hog Burger at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Pig out on this ode to swine, which is composed of Mangalitsa pork, Mangalitsa bacon, BBQ pork, white cheddar cheese, pickles, crispy onion and slaw. Somewhere between upscale barbecue and upscale burgers, we can find this entity. We call that somewhere our happy place.

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Speaking of upscale, Haute Doggery on The LINQ Promenade sells the Billionaire Dog for a mere $10.99. That’s quite a deal for a grilled Kobe beef frank topped with foie gras torchon, port onion marmalade and truffle mayo.

Fried Bologna Sandwich at Toby Keith's is an American classic sandwich

Fried Bologna Sandwich done in the style of Toby Keith. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

On the flip side, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino offers a trailer park chic version of a fried bologna sandwich featuring thick-cut bologna, sauteed onions, American cheese and Miracle Whip on Texas toast. It will make you feel like a (fat) kid again.


Pork rules the day at Searsucker inside Caesars Palace with the Whole Beast Feast. This is the purest form of pig and it requires two days’ notice for proper preparation. A beer, citrus and chili-brined suckling pig is slow-roasted, giving the hog the ideal combination of juicy meat and crunchy skin. It’s served with “all the fixin’s,” which usually means black beans, coleslaw, butter potatoes and corn bread muffins. Did we say “You’ll be in hog heaven” yet? If not, we again apologize for our shallow pun work.

Rigatoni with Sunday Gravy at Martorano's - Cheat day diet food options in Las Vegas

Sunday gravy at Rao’s. Mama mia! Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Rao’s in Caesars Palace utilizes both pork and beef in their renowned Sunday Gravy, which, as implied, is only offered on Sundays. The famous New York import combines beef ribs, pork braciole, Rao’s meatballs and sweet and mild sausage in a slow San Marzano tomato braise. It’s served over a choice of pasta, making anyone who grew up in an East Coast Italian house feel like they are home again.

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On The LINQ Promenade, there are plenty of choices to say goodbye to your diet and Virgil’s Real BBQ provides many of them. Their Georgia Chicken Fried Steak coats the beef in Corn Flakes, potato chips and Saltines and fries it up right. After preparation, it is smothered in country gravy, leaving you sloppier than a country dinner after taking this bad mama jamma down.


For a sweet finish, we somehow manage to make it over to Center Cut Steakhouse at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. There we find two options that make us wave goodbye to our diets. The Salted Caramel Trifle combines salted caramel sauce, caramel custard, milk chocolate caramel ganache, salted Chantilly crème and toffee bits for an impressive mix of tastes and textures. Meanwhile the Candy Bar utilizes a fudge brownie as a base and tops it with milk chocolate crunch, peanut butter nougat, chocolate sauce and smoked salt for another sweet and salty adventure.

Note: Dessert not pictured because we ate it all. We’re full.

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