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Eiffel Tower Restaurant Brings the Brunch at Paris

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When you’re in Vegas, there are only so many activities and meals and cocktails you can squeeze in, so you have to make them count. A great way to get more bang for the buck is prix fixe menus. The restaurant narrows down your options, and you get several courses (typically, three) at a fixed price.

The brunch prix fixe menu at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas is not just a solid value, it also makes for an unforgettable Vegas experience, complete with one of the most stunning views on The Strip. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

This blog does not use words like "stunning" lightly.

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Start off with some delicious cheese gougères. We called them “cheese puffs,” mainly because we are a blog, not a gastronome. We’d say not to fill up on these, but you’re going to, anyway.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Fancy, but not pretentious. Just like this blog.

There are two options for the appetizer course. Choose either marinated warm shrimp (below), with chiffonade (a fancy way of saying “cut into long strips”) of red and white cabbage and an herb vinaigrette, or a mushroom and spinach strudel, with cave-aged Gruyère cheese.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

You know it's a good sign when your meal is already memorable, and you're just getting started.

Both appetizer options are great. Tip: Make sure your companion orders the other thing, so you can try both.


The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is solely responsible for this blog becoming a strudel fan. Our mom is so proud.

The two entree options are equally tempting.

One is the smoked salmon, with a gorgeous presentation, topped with an omelette galette. We looked up “galette,” and still don’t know what it means. This is why we leave the cooking to the top-notch culinary team at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, thank you.

Smoked salmon

As much art as salmon.

The second entree is steak and eggs, a flat-iron steak and poached egg, with Yukon Gold potatoes and mushrooms. Had it. Loved it. Still not regretting the cheese puffs, though.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

This is not your grandpa's steak and eggs. Although, if you're a grandpa, it could be.

The dessert is delicious, which should come as no surprise, since Eiffel Tower Restaurant has a French theme, and the French tend to know something about desserts.

The brunch dessert is the frozen Grand Marnier strawberry souffle, topped with crunchy pistachios.


The second best view at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a close-up of this souffle as it enters one's face.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Eiffel Tower Restaurant has a slew of hand-crafted cocktails, each more photogenic than the last.

Eiffel Tower cosmo

Just ask them to make something pretty. Done deal.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant bartenders are well-equipped to make classic French specialties such as the scrumptious piña colada, below. Yes, it’s French. Because if you say something with confidence, people think it’s true.

Pina colada

Top things to do in Las Vegas: 1) Piña coladas. 2) Get caught in the rain. 3) Make love at midnight.

Oh, and since you’ll be full at this point, you’ll want to take home an edible keepsake. Might we suggest some Eiffel Tower Restaurant chocolate. There’s light or dark, with a hint of sea salt for that sweet-savory thing we hear so much about.


They make great gifts. Which you can eat later in your hotel room. Possibly at midnight.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant brunch is $39, a steal when you consider the gourmet-quality food and old-school, ever-outstanding level of service.

This is truly some of the most elevated dining in Las Vegas (literally and figuratively), at a price that won’t break “la banque.” Which we’re 81% sure is French.

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