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Eleven Places to Dine Outside in Las Vegas

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The weather in Las Vegas is absolutely gorgeous, and dining outside is a wonderful way to take advantage of the sunshine.

This blog completely sympathizes with those around the country still in the throes of winter. (Sorry, Minnesota and Wisconsin.) And what better way to “sympathize” than to “share photos of people enjoying outdoor dining” while also “gloating a little”?

1. Serendipity 3

This restaurant in front of Caesars Palace has ample seating, warm breezes and ranks among the best places to people-watch on The Strip.

Serendipity 3

When packing for Las Vegas, sunglasses are as essential as Elvis sideburns and the phone number of a good bail bondsman.

Note: There are two seating areas at Serendipity 3. One faces The Strip (above), and the other faces, well, this.

Caesars Palace

This view is what's described on review sites like Yelp as, "Akin to having your eyeballs dipped in newborn kittens."

2. Central Michel Richard

Central Michel Richard recently opened its centrally-located patio, and diners can order lunch to-go at the restaurant’s bar for consumption on the patio, complete with an ample supply of umbrellas for shade.


Once the sun goes down, there's a DJ, and Central's patio takes on a nightclub vibe.

3. Rao’s

With a great view of the Garden of the Gods pool complex, Rao’s is a terrific spot to enjoy a take-out order and play a little bocce while catching some rays.

Rao's patio

Why do they call it "antipasto"? This blog is pro-pasto.

4. La Salsa

This popular restaurant at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace also has outdoor seating next to a replica of the Trevi fountain.

La Salsa

"The Pulse of Vegas Blog: Calling things 'hidden gems' since 2009."

5. Margaritaville

Even regular diners at Margaritaville at Flamingo Las Vegas aren’t always aware of the restaurant’s third floor patio, complete with a bar, lots of tables and a spectacular view of Caesars and The Strip.


We see a massive amount of nachos in your future.

We weren’t kidding about the nachos thing.


Somebody was just photobombed by a sweet pink phone case.

6. Carlos’n Charlie’s

This tequila-fueled party spot at Flamingo Las Vegas boasts a patio with sun, fun and drinks the size of bathtubs. More Carlos’n Charlie’s.


You want mellow, do lunch. You want "I can't feel my face," do dinner.

7. Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas is easily one of the more well-known spots to dine outside in Las Vegas. Great service, consistently good food and people-watching make it an essential part of any Vegas visit.

Mon Ami Gabi patio

Mon Ami Gabi is even more awesome than our awesome photo of her. Yes, it's a she.

8. Cabo Wabo Cantina

There aren’t too many places where you can dine outside and hang out with a bona fide rock star, but Cabo Wabo Cantina fits the bill. Even when Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker) isn’t in town, the lively outdoor seating at Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood is worthy of an ovation.

Cabo Wabo

Bonus: Balloonage.

9. Pink’s

The dogs are plentiful at this Planet Hollywood eatery, as is the sunshine and ogling at this intimate seating area facing Las Vegas Boulevard.


Nothing too fancy, but plenty of fresh air and vitamin D.

10. P.F. Chang’s

What’s not to love? Check out some pics from our recent visit to this fixture at Planet Hollywood, including our encounter with some new, 96-ounce cocktails.

PF Chang's

We avoid sitting right behind the horse. Just a personal preference.

11. PBR Rock Bar & Grill

The fun at PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood can’t be contained inside, so it overflows into the restaurant’s perfectly-situated outdoor patio. Step inside for a ride on the mechanical bull, or just watch as hundreds of Vegas visitors stroll by. Many in sun dresses and inappropriately-short shorts. We’re just saying.

PBR Rock Bar

Note the lack of snow-blowers.

So, pick your spot and enjoy Sin City’s fabulous weather and diverse dining. But don’t wait! This window of wow-worthy weather may not last forever. One time, in 1987, we had a day in May where it was, brace yourself, overcast for upwards of 20 minutes!

Just kidding. Never happened. But we didn’t want the people in Minnesota and Wisconsin to feel too badly. Probably.

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