First Look: Center Cut Steakhouse at Flamingo

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It’s time for a meaty new offering at Flamingo Las Vegas. The official grand opening of Center Cut Steakhouse is April 1, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the food and decor at this schnazzy new restaurant offering.

Center Cut Steakhouse at Flamingo

This blog does not use the word "schnazzy" lightly.

The Center Cut Steakhouse, in the former home of The Burger Joint, features a black and white decor, going for a classic Vegas atmosphere. Unobtrusive plasma TVs throughout the restaurant display photos of classic Vegas.

Center Cut Steakhouse

"Filet mignon" translates from the French as "dainty fillet we are tempted to devour in one bite."

The real heart of any restaurant, of course, is the food. The menu sports steakhouse favorites like the 20-ounce rib-eye and 24-ounce porterhouse, featuring natural premium beef from Aspen Ridge Farms in Colorado. All the steak dishes are free of hormones and steroids.

These "pop-overs" are baked fresh daily using souffle dough and accompany every steak.

The menu also has an ample selection of seafood dishes like Diver Scallops, Scottish Salmon, Maine Lobster, Alaskan King Crab Legs and more.

Center Cut Steakhouse shrimp

"Center Cut Shrimphouse" just didn't have the same ring to it.

We caught a glimpse of a three-story seafood monster (pictured below) which took six weeks and three backhoes to prepare. (We may have just made up two of the three backhoes.) The “Seafood Tower” (small, $54 and large, $94) includes a dizzying selection of lobster medallions, shrimp, king crab and oysters.

Center Cut Seafood Tower

This is the large. Did you need to ask?

Also on the menu are free range chicken, The Ultimate Steakhouse Kobe Burger, rack of lamb, as well as tempting salads, sides (like lobster mac and cheese, an organic wild mushroom blend and organic pink mashed potatoes) and mouthwatering desserts.

Center Cut Steakhouse creme brulee

Did somebody say "desserts"?

Take a look at the full Center Cut Steakhouse menu (.pdf format).

Center Cut Steakhouse accommodates about 175 guests, and also has a private dining room we forgot to take a photo of, which is bound to happen, especially if you try the restaurant’s signature Caramel Apple Martini, which this blog would never do while it’s working, believe us.

Center Cut Steakhouse martini

There you've got your caramel, and there you've got your apple, and there you've got yourself a new crush on a beverage.

An existing bar and lounge area just outside the Center Cut restaurant has been renovated to fit with the swanky theme, and offers specialty martinis, classic cocktails and wines by the glass.

Signature martinis include the Pomegranate Lemon Martini, Skinny Maggie Martini, Pear…fect Martini, Cosmopolitan Martini and Cucumber Martini, many of which are made from things we have near heard of before, like the “rock candy syrup” in the Pomegranate Lemon Martini. Yes, please.

Center Cut Steakhouse

Oh, like you're only going to have one dessert. We suggest giving the Coffee Toffee Crunch a try. The ball is entirely edible, too.

Enjoy more exclusive pics from Center Cut Steakhouse at Flamingo, and add this new steakhouse to your “List of Things to Chew in Las Vegas.” Which may not make all that much sense at first glance, but did we mention how great the Caramel Apple Martinis are?

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    We ate dinner at Centercut and i ordered the 8 oz filet mignon.
    Believe me, it was  marvelous as was the French onion soup. I do have one complaint: the shrimp cocktail appetizer.
    I was served three HUGE shrimps which were tasteless and rather tough. 
    Folks, this is supposed to be an APPETIZER, not a main course, and bigger is not necessarily better. Four or five smaller, tastier ones would be better.
    We’ll give them another try when we come back in three months.

  2. Anonymous

    Great to know. Thanks for sharing your experience. Those shrimp did look unusually large.

  3. We ate here on our last trip (8/15) – and had the best steak that we have had in 20 years, and believe me – we have tried them all. Fantastic, can’tn wait for our next trip to try this restaurant again!!

  4. Anonymous

    Gratifying to hear that, Mary! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Is there a bar that serves food? The old Flamingo Steakhouse had a separate bar area that served the full menu…it was a great place for guys to get away from their wives and dine alone while watching a sporting event. Would love to know if the new steakhouse has the same offering.

  6. Anonymous

    We think we saw people eating in the bar/lounge area, so that’d be a yes.