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Five Things To Try At Pronto… Pronto!

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5 things that you must try at Pronto by Giada - Las Vegas restaurant in Caesars Palace

Giada samples Pronto By Giada. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Pronto by Giada Las Vegas Restaurant

When Pronto by Giada opened at Caesars Palace, the eatery was hailed as the go-to spot for meals on the go. For visitors who were at a convention or had a day full of meetings and needed healthy and tasty nourishment, this open space cafe became a breakfast and lunch haven. The idea was not fast food, but fresh food done fast. High quality ingredients, Giada’s signature California-meets-Italian flavors and inviting atmosphere made Pronto an immediate hit.

Now a couple of months old, the open space is still perfect for those in a rush, but equally as lovely for those who want to slow down, grab a cup of coffee and a pastry and do some reading. Between sweets, savory items, coffees and the wine bar, there are options aplenty, no matter if you are in a hurry or you have a chance to stop and smell the rosé. Here are five must-try items at Pronto:

1. Giada’s Signature Muffaletta

The Signature Muffaletta sandwich at Pronto by Giada.

Muffaletta at Pronto by Giada. Get in our bellies! Photo by Jason Leinwand.

Perhaps more than any other dish on the menu, this giant sandwich is the ideal showcase for its ingredients. The origin of the sandwich comes from Italian immigrants who made their homes in New Orleans, namely Salvatore Lupo at his Central Grocery Co. in 1906. Meat, cheese, a zesty olive spread and delicious bread – its simplicity is part of the reason it is so good.

What Giada does to this classic is lighten things up. High quality ham, mortadella and salami are her meat choices. That saltiness is of the Italian meat trio is counter-punched by sharp provolone cheese. Fresh arugula and red onion give the sandwich freshness. And the essential olive tapenade does its job by tying each bite together. Of course, high quality crusty bread is a must and here, the Italian loaf does the trick.

2. Ham, Gruyère & Apple Panini

Ham, apple and cheese panini at Pronto.

Ham, gruyère and apple panini at Pronto. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair.

There’s something so comforting about a hot, grilled sammie. This simple combination utilizes the panini press to impart some excellent crunch into the bread. Apples are finely shaved for hints of sweetness here and there. Creamy gruyère cheese runs over the edges of the sandwich, giving diners an extra layer of gooeyness to dig into. Whole grain mustard gives it all some refreshing bite.

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3. Giada’s Signature Arugula, Crispy Pancetta & Candied Lemon Salad

Giada's Signature Arugula, Pancetta and Candied Lemon Salad at Pronto

Arugula, pancetta and candied lemon salad at Pronto by Giada. Photo by Jason Leinwand.

Pinwheel pancetta crisps sit atop a bed of peppery arugula. Studded throughout the greens are dabs of candied lemon, which adds a nice surprise of both sweet and tart, and matches well with the lemon vinaigrette that comes with the salad.

4. Grapefruit Aperol Sorbetto

Lemon basil on the bottom. Grapefruit Aperol on top. Sorbetto at Pronto by Giada.

Lemon basil on the bottom. Grapefruit Aperol on top. Sorbetto at Pronto by Giada. Photo by Jason Leinwand.

The beauty of this dessert is that it can easily satisfy the diner as the end of the meal or it can be used as a palate cleanser in case you’re looking for a few more courses. The sorbetto is frosty to the touch. The Aperol, an Italian aperitif made with bitter orange, blends in smoothly with the grapefruit, which is the dominant flavor. This is a bowl of summery, citrusy sorbetto and one that is worthy of repeat orders.

5. Giada’s Famous Lemon Ricotta Cookies

Pronto by Giada's Lemon Ricotta cookies hit that sweet spot

Giada’s lemon ricotta cookies are calling your name. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

No visit to a Giada spot is complete without her signature sweet showstopper. The glazed, chewy cookies hit all the right notes as they are lemon forward, but the ricotta in the cakey base shines through in every bite.

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