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Flyer “Typo” Leads to Beer Windfall at IP

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We figured it had to be a typo. We were wandering the Strip the other night and a charming woman outside O’Sheas gave us a flyer for the new Quesadilla restaurant in the Imperial Palace.


Keep rubbing your eyes. It ain't gonna change.

Five Coronas for five bucks? Impossible!

Yeah, well, OK, it’s possible. It’s Vegas, after all. Come to find out, this incredible deal is available only with a flyer, and other than getting one from the flyer-hander-outer in front of O’Sheas, we hear you can get one at the concierge desk at the Imperial Palace if you ask nicely.

Again, five Coronas for $5. That’s a savings of $22.50. That’s a bet on all four of the inside numbers on the craps table! Or 2,250 pennies you could use in a penny slot machine.

Oh, and don’t miss the typo on the BACK of the flyer. Two-for-one quesadillas. And the quesadillas are even better than they look in our succulence-filled photo below.


It's simple: You can't name your place Quesadilla and not have great quesadillas.

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