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Giada’s Lunch Menu Includes The Best Pesto Grilled Cheese We’ve Ever Had

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Waldorf panzanella salad, lobster roll and lemon pesto grilled cheese? Yes, please! Just when we thought we couldn’t stuff ourselves on any more trips to The Cromwell‘s one and only culinary gem, Giada, along came the lunch menu. After dinner got rolling, Giada De Laurentiis got to taste testing lunch items right away, and was experimenting with the menu and flavors up until lunch service launched mid-July. She wanted both light and filling options, adding everything from a gluten-free caprese frittata with an option of prosciutto to several types of pizzas.

Sandwiches are the star here, from the muffuletta with aged provolone to the tenderlion sliders with peppery jelly. The heftiest item, perhaps, is the lobster roll, which uses an entire lobster between two pieces of thick, dreamy bread and comes with a side of arugula salad or zucchini scapecce.

Tip: don’t even try to resist splurging on one of the fancy coffee-based drinks. I’m not even a coffee drinker, and not surprisingly, the Cappugiro was the best, most rich and flavorful fancy coffee drink I’d ever had. It combines the best of both worldshot and coldcoffees, putting a hot cappuccino on the bottom half with chocolate syrup, and a blended frappe-type cold coffee on the top half.

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And yes, there is only one pasta on the menu for lunch, but in my world, that’s just an excuse to get to go back and try them all for dinner.


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