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Hail to the Chef!

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While exploring the Paris Las Vegas the other night, we wandered haplessly into the inner sanctum of the vast kitchen area behind Le Provencal and met a culinary superstar-in-the-making, Chef Domonic Tardy.

Domonic Tardy

Chef Domonic Tardy knows how to rock a sugar sculpture.

Dessert wizard Chef Tardy and his partner in crime, Chef Thomas Trevethan, will appear on the Food Network as part of the newest Food Network Challenge, “Sugar Impossible,” Apr. 18 (8:00 p.m.). The theme of the challenge is “Sugar Sci-Fi.”

The show was taped in Denver back in December, and we did our best to get Chef Domonic to spill the beans about who won the $10,000 challenge prize. Chef Domonic should consider taking up poker, because he wouldn’t give up the goods.

We tried everything, like slipping in questions like, “So, Chef, how did you split the winnings?” Nothing. “When you won, how did that feel?” Nothing.

So, while we didn’t get any inside scoop, we did note some suspicious eye movement during our “interrogation,” so the smart money’s on Team Tardy and Trevethan.

Because you did win, right, Chef? We just know things. We’re a Las Vegas blog.

Update: Hey, you can’t win ’em all! Congrats to our featured chefs for a valiant effort.

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