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Hash House a Go Go: Let the Drooling Begin

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Hash House a Go Go at Imperial Palace is, well, hard to describe. Sure, it’s a “restaurant.” But saying Hash House a Go Go is a restaurant is akin to saying the Mona Lisa is a doodle. It just doesn’t do it justice.

Hash House a Go Go is billed as serving “twisted farm food,” and if by “twisted” they mean “spectacular,” they’d be right.

hash house

The hammered pork tenderloin sandwich has made grown men cry.

Renowned for its mammoth portions, Hash House a Go Go serves a number of its offerings on 18-inch plates. That’s a foot-and-a-half of plate. We literally saw some dishes being served with the assistance of backhoes.

hash house

This hernia-inducing dish features butternut squash with vegetables.

But it’s not all about quantity at this relatively-new dining offering on the Las Vegas Strip. Fresh ingredients are an essential part of every dish served up by the friendly staff.

hash house

Speaking of friendly staff, Melissa serves up fresh biscuits the size of basketballs.

The good news: While Hash House a Go Go has built a rep for mouthwatering breakfasts, its offerings go far beyond the famed Farm Scrambles and Farm Benedicts. More good news: The place is open late (to 11:00 p.m. Sun. through Thu., and until 2:00 a.m. on Fri. and Sat.), making it the perfect late-night stop to refuel for your Sin City exploits. Uh, you are planning on having some exploits, right?

hash house

The burgers are testament to the fact that breakfasts are just the beginning!

Hash House a Go Go has been featured in TV shows like “Man vs. Food,” “Rachael Ray’s Vacation,” Martha Stewart and Dr. Phil.

hash house

Even the grilled cheese is over-the-top!

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great values. Looking at these photos, we’re thinking we need to head over to Hash House a Go Go again. You know, for further research.

hash house

Three words: Fried. Chicken. Benedict. A jaw-dropper!

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