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How to Do a Vegas Girls Getaway—As Told By The Real Housewives

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This isn’t TV. It’s PTO.

Your girls’ weekend getaway is booked, and you finally get a few days to luxuriate with the ladies. Although watching queen bees who take their friendships on the rocks and their vacations straight, no chaser gets you popcorn wasted, you’d rather leave the melodrama at home when it comes to your own travels.

Let the Real Housewives of [Insert City] give you a few pointers on how to do a Vegas girls’ trip if they were to…you know…do it with fellowship, solidarity and camaraderie in mind. Ha!


girls weekend getaway

Fellowship. Solidarity. Camaraderie. You will have none of that if you invite a girl who’s not “in the circle.” Choose your girlfriend escape companions like you pick your shoes, and spot a bad fit before the pain kicks in.

Don’t Spend All Your Money On a Hotel Room

girls weekend getaway

Kick off your Vegas vacay the right way—with money in your Birkin. As a former RHONY housewife would say, “Holla!” You’ll be shopping at Hermès when you save on a room by fitting all the broads on a top bunk. Okay, we may be exaggerating a bit, but you’ll definitely have a richer experience in a bunk bed room since your girls’ weekend will essentially be a slumber party—minus the slumber.


girls weekend getaway

You’ve saved a slew of dollars booking affordable luxury. Now you plan on making it rain at Chippendales as soon as you exit the airport. Hold on, ladies. You can’t lose your shirt on the shirtless — just yet. With so many things to do in Las Vegas, your dough must be pliable as you stretch your dollar across the Strip.

Remember — This Is what You Came For…

girls weekend getaway

You have arrived. Make the Strip pulsate every time you move. There’s food to be eaten, cocktails to be sipped, shows to be seen, nightlife that seamlessly takes you to a poolside day and hangovers that can only be cured by spa treatments.

Leave The Glam to the Professionals

girls weekend getaway

That YouTube makeup tutorial is not your friend. It’s not even an acquaintance. That stranger step-by-step has you looking like you made a few missteps. Besides, who has the time to contour correctly when all the girls are jockeying for limited mirror space? Let Michael Boychuck gently pluck that makeup brush from your hand, lead you and the gals to COLOR Salon at Caesars Palace and give you a cheeky glow by a pro.

Get Thee To The Nearest Nightlife

girls weekend getaway

What good is a made-up face if it’s not on display? Take your beauty to a bar—or a club, or a lounge. Just take it somewhere before you take it all off with a towelette. OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace will give you a light show that will illuminate your highlighted cheekbones. And at Drai’s BeachClub NightSplash, you can wink at your perfected reflection in the party oasis that is the rooftop pool.

But Realize You’ll Be Outnumbered 1,893,409  to 1 

girls weekend getaway

In Vegas, every night is ladies’ night. As in, there are plenty of ladies for the few hot guys in the club. This is why places like Montecristo Cigar Bar exist. It’s fundamentally a man cave. Go in, grab a beau and take some sand to the dude-desolate beach.

However — No (Fighting Over) Boys Allowed

girls weekend getaway

Remind yourself, this is a girls’ trip. Boys spoiling the fun will not be sanctioned. Girl code is in full effect and you must abide by the rules. Your picker may have honed in on the hottie, but if he has the hots for your bestie, hand him over. No hard feelings. A shot of hard liquor? Totally fine and probably necessary.

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Wake Up To A Real Breakfast of Champions

girls weekend getaway

Double fisting diet coke and coffee just won’t do if you’re going to last through a long weekend in Vegas. Fuel up with the best breakfast in Sin City—even if you don’t make it to the restaurant until noon. With Payard Patisserie & Bistro at Caesars Palace, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas, Bacchannal Buffet at Caesars Palace and more available to you, you’re bound to find some tasty caffeine alternatives.

Spend Some Time Poolside

girls weekend getaway

Suck in that Bacchanal Buffet food baby and slip on your bikini for a day at Caesars Palace’s Garden of the Gods. The seven lavish pools will have your goddess group enveloped in a splash zone anchored by dazzling waterfalls and captivating fountains. Or the ladies could just don an array of sundresses and sip some teas (gossip) about the shenanigans certain girls got into the night before.

But Don’t Be That Girl

girls weekend getaway

So a quiet day at the pool isn’t everyone’s thing? No peaceful poolside, no problem. There’s always a dayclub in which the girls could turn up. Drai’s BeachClub atop The Cromwell has the DJ lineup you need to liven up the pool deck. However, if you’re dragged there against your will, take one for the team and dance like someone is watching…and judging.

Be Sure to Stay Hydrated

girls weekend getaway

It’s Vegas. It’s Summer. It’s Scorching. You’re sweating. Drink up.


girls weekend getaway

But maybe not that much… Getting carried away happens a lot in Vegas—literally. It’s best to stop before you’re splayed on the floor and in need of assistance. Thankfully, those of you who don’t have self-control have your clique. That’s what friends are for. In good times and drunk times, they’ll keep you upright forever more. And tell you: you’ve twirled for the masses, turtle time is over, let’s go home.

But Don’t Rest Until You’re Dead…Asleep On The Plane

girls weekend getaway

You’ve danced. You’ve dined. You’ve laughed. You’ve cried and side-eyed. You’re now headed home. Yet, the party doesn’t stop until the fasten seat belt sign comes on. The ladies should have done everything on the Strip-itinerary. Including shopping. There must always be shopping.

Leaving Las Vegas exhausted is required. If you’re not asleep prior to liftoff, you were pushing the pause button on your real lives wrong. And finally…


girls weekend getaway

An expert girls’ trip traveler can delete incriminating photos with her eyes closed. A novice only needs a few close calls with an overzealous one-photo-to-all-photos scroller before they add the blind quick-delete to their skill set. This technique is especially useful after one too many selfies with that one guy who shall not be named, but shall be saved in your phone as Amanda. All the girls know him as A-man-duh.

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