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It’s Official: Sugar Factory at Paris Vegas Fights Dirty

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There we were, minding our own business, and our “friends” at the Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas go and announce they have some new signature cocktails.

First, they whip out the new “Peace, Love and Harmonie” signature drink ($14). It’s a mix of Hpnotiq Harmonie, tequila, rose syrup and fresh lime juice. Sounds tempting, but we can turn down a wild Hibiscus flower garnish. We are a dude.


"Harmonie" is a German word that designates a band of wind instruments employed by an aristocratic patron. We are not making this up.

That’s fine. Whatever. We were just going to continue with our day.


We see.


“The ‘Oceans Blue’ cocktail is a mix of Hpnotiq, blueberry vodka, raspberry vodka, blueberry schnapps, simple syrup and fresh sour, filled with Gummi sharks and served in a shareable goblet.” Are you kidding us? Are we human, or what? When have we ever had the ability to resist anything preceded by the word “Gummi”?

Sugar Factory cocktail

"Shark Week, Schmark Week," they're not done with us yet.

With our tongue firmly planted against our computer monitor, we read on.

Huge mistake.

“The Sugar Factory cocktail list would not be complete without a drink dedicated to a childhood treat, the Twinkie! The Twinkie goblet is created from vanilla syrup, fresh orange juice, Licor 43, orange vodka, whipped cream vodka, whipped cream dollop and, of course, a whole Twinkie on top.”

Let’s review that last part: “A Twinkie on top.”

Behold what may be the greatest invention in the history of Humankind, other than air conditioning and Holly Madison.

Sugar Factory cocktail

Oh. No. They. D'int.

Seriously! How are we supposed to just sit here and act like that preternaturally stunning cocktail doesn’t exist? The Sugar Factory does not play fair!

Deep breaths. They’re not going anywhere. Deep breaths.

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