Margaritaville Pirate Makes Best Balloon Hats Ever

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If there’s one area where Vegas excels, it’s in the realm of defying expectations.

You enter Margaritaville at Flamingo Las Vegas, for example, and see a giant pirate on stilts making balloon hats, and you maybe wince a little and think, “Uh, thanks, but no.”

Then, miraculously, the towering pirate makes what is possibly the greatest balloon hat in the history of balloon hats.

Balloon hat Margaritaville Vegas

Even "OMG" doesn't quite capture the sheer awesomeness of this balloon hat.

And then the balloon pirate (which sounds more wrong than it is) makes one incredible balloon hat after another, inspiring smiles from customers young and old throughout Margaritaville, all night long. Expectations officially defied, thanks!

Note: Antonio said we couldn’t share his photo unless we provided a link to his foodie site at Fair trade.

What did online marketing intern Maria think of that OMG hat?

balloon hat Margaritaville

Just go with it, folks. It's Vegas!

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