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Mon Ami Gabi: A Classic Restaurant That Feels As Modern As Ever

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Sit outside and enjoy the patio at Mon Ami Gabi located at the Paris Las Vegas

The patio at Mon Ami Gabi. Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

That patio. There are plenty of other elements that make Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas one of the most popular restaurants in the world, but we have to start with that patio.

On a perfect day – and there are more of those in Sin City than you’d expect – you can sit on the patio and get lost. Or better still, transported. It’s as if you are in the city that inspired the restaurant.

“You feel like you’re in Paris,” says executive chef Vincent Pouessel. “Every great brasserie in Paris has a beautiful terrace – on the cold days, people will still be outside and want to enjoy their meals.”

Charcuterie plate at Mon Ami Gabi

Charcuterie at Mon Ami Gabi. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

Hot days, cold days – they all become stuff of legend here. The open-air patio gives diners an up-close-and-personal look at the everyday hustle and bustle on the Strip. You take in the sights and sounds of the up-tempo urban landscape as you relax with a glass of red wine and some delicious house-made charcuterie.

A view from the terrace at Mon Ami Gabi, French restaurant in Las Vegas

A view from the terrace at Mon Ami Gabi. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

For those who want to be a step away from the action, just inside of the patio sits the terrace, semi-enclosed to guard guests from the weather, but still open enough to feel like you are eating outdoors. Quite simply, it is a lovely experience.

However, what’s the point of a large, spacious terrace – an escape within the concrete jungle – if the cuisine doesn’t deliver as much as the scenery? This is not a worry at this favorite Paris Las Vegas eatery. The food is so good that, on average, Mon Ami Gabi Las Vegas serves 2,700 people a day. That sounds like a lot – because it is – but it doesn’t faze Pouessel, who calmly states, “We have days when we are way past that.”

Classic French Dishes at Mon Ami Gabi

Classic French dish featuring steak frites at Mon Ami Gabi, French restaurant in Las Vegas

Steak frites at Mon Ami Gabi. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

Steak frites is the most popular dish, with a perfectly tender piece of beef accompanied by crispy french fries (Just “fries” in France. Well, “frites.”) and a choice of sauces including au poivre, a brandy peppercorn sauce, and Bordelaise featuring caramelized onions and red wine.

The strategy is clear. Explains Pouessel, “They were very smart to introduce French food in a way that would still be understood by the American people. That’s the key to success here.”

Something like country pâté or mussels marinière are accessible for palates that haven’t tried them before while still maintaining their classic French identities. Plus, the individual loaves of bread that each diner gets to munch on once they sit down don’t hurt either.

French skate dish at Mon Ami Gabi

Skate at Mon Ami Gabi. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

One must-have dish is classic skate wing. It’s a favorite of Pouessel and those of his ilk.

“It’s not very common. It’s unique,” he says. “It’s not a fancy dish but I love it. Every chef who comes here will go for skate.”

The fish is flaky with a golden crust. It pulls apart easily and is full of moisture. A lemon caper vinaigrette pops both the protein and the accompanying asparagus with acid. It might seem simple, but it’s a perfect plate.

In a way, the skate represents why the restaurant is still so successful after all these years on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s familiar but different. Its beauty is in its simplicity. It’s delightful because it is both expected and unexpected. It’s Mon Ami Gabi.

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