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New Chinese KJ Kitchen Restaurant to Open at Rio

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A popular Las Vegas restaurant will bring its authentic Chinese menu to Rio Las Vegas before the end of 2011.

KJ Kitchen restaurant will open its second location inside Rio in December, offering a selection of fresh seafood from a team of chefs trained in the preparation of authentic Chinese cuisine.

KJ Kitchen restaurant

Already, we're having cravings. Thanks.

KJ Kitchen will feature high quality dim sum, something this blog knows a lot about, if by “a lot” you mean “absolutely nothing.” Come to find out, dim sum is a style of Chinese food prepared as small, individual portions of food traditionally served in steamer baskets or on small plates. Thank you for that, Internets! Read more about these dim sums, which we’re fairly sure isn’t the way you pluralize dim sum.

At KJ Kitchen, the “dim sum experience” will include a tableside cart allowing guests to select their shrimp, lobster, crab and giant clam dishes. The menu will also include many favorite dishes from the original location, including XO Salt & Pepper Crab and Stir-fry Mongolian Beef, as well as new menu items exclusive to the Rio.

KJ Kitchen

Neon plus food equals one happy Las Vegas blog.

The new eatery will seat about 350 people, and will be open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. The restaurant will be located in the former home of the Lucky Strike bowling lanes, near the poker room and Carnival World Buffet.

Dim sum trivia: In Cantonese, having dim sum is called “going to drink tea,” since tea is usually served with dim sum.

Dim sum etiquette tip: When you’re having dim sum, it’s customary to pour tea for others before filling your own cup. Do not embarrass this blog, please. You could cause an international incident.

KJ Kitchen

A first look at the KJ Kitchen logo and stuff.

We swung by the original KJ Kitchen location here in Vegas, and the place was packed. We take that as a good sign!

We look forward to tasting this new offering at Rio Vegas. Join us, won’t you? And we’re not just saying that so you’ll treat. Probably.

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