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No Bull: PBR Rock Bar Bullriding Pro Spills All

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Looks can be deceiving.

Karie Miller, the lead mechanical bull operator at PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood, seems harmless enough at first glance. She’s got a disarming smile and an immaculate French manicure. Delicate flower, right?

PBR Rock Bar

PBR, your sport would be more popular if your riders looked like this. FYI.

Think again!

Karie not only has some serious bull operating skills (if she wants to throw you, she’ll do it in three seconds or less, guaranteed), she also has some crazy talents atop the bull, too.

We did an entirely awesome interview with Karie, asking her to share some insider bullriding secrets and to show us some of patented bullriding moves. Take a look.


Las Vegas, will you never run out of ways to make us love you?

You’ll note there are two types of rides on PBR Rock Bar’s mechanical bull. First, there’s “surfing,” reserved for the likes of highly-trained and “certified” riders like Karie. “Surfing” is the hands-free version of the ride, or when you stand on the bull in a freakish display of balance. The part where she rides the bull backwards is called the “reverse cowgirl,” by the way.

The other type of ride, the “Challenge” ride, is the straight-up, dizzying ride customers get to take part in, albeit at a much slower speed than shown in the video, typically.

PBR Rock Bar

"Begging for mercy" is a perfectly acceptable way to get on Karie's good side.

At PBR Rock Bar, they’ve thought of everything. We’ll let Karie explain: “When people come in and dine with us, they may not realize at first that we have a mechanical bull, so maybe they’re dressed to go out to go to a club or something. Then, they realize they want to ride, so we sell bull panties and bull bikinis.” Honestly, Karie, you had us at “bull panties.”

Those who decide to take on the bull are asked to sign a release form, of course, pretty much signing their life away. Hey, are you in Vegas to take it to the edge, or what?

Thanks to Karie for being such a good sport during our visit, even “volunteering” to ride while holding our video camera so we could get a sense of what it’s like during a ride.

PBR Rock Bar

There's some serious multi-tasking going on here.

You can pretty much ride the bull at PBR Rock Bar anytime from noon to midnight daily, and Karie’s on duty Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8:00 p.m. to midnight.

Bull rides at PBR Rock Bar are a mere five bucks a pop, plus a generous gratuity (we added that part). On Monday nights, it’s $1 drinks and free rides for the ladies.

Visit the official PBR Rock Bar site for the latest events, or find them on Facebook.

We hope to see you on the mechanical bull at PBR Rock Bar inside The Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood! Just try and last more than three seconds so you don’t embarrass us, OK?

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