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Royal India Bistro Spices Up Rio Las Vegas

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Royal India Bistro is the newest culinary offering at Rio Las Vegas, and serves up some seriously authentic Indian dishes you won’t soon forget.

Royal India Bistro

Let the salivating begin.

Royal India Bistro replaces the former Gaylord India restaurant, in the same location at Rio Vegas.

The interior of the restaurant is newly-redesigned, brighter and with charming decor flourishes reflecting Indian culture.

Royal India Bistro

We'll get to the food. We're trying to set the mood.

We love the new look of the place.

Royal India

Fancy, but not too fancy.

Authenticity and freshness appear to be the top priorities at Royal India Bistro. Restaurant manager Phulpreet Singh (“Phul” for short, pronounced “full,” which will become increasingly relevant as your meal progresses), says, “We have focused on north Indian cuisine, centered around the Punjab region of India.”

Every dish at Royal India Bistro is a cultural adventure all its own, drawing upon the experiences of the restaurant’s staff and time-honored food preparation techniques. See the menu.

“One of the unique aspects of our restaurant is our use of clay ovens,” says Singh. “Our naan and other breads are baked fresh, on-site. It’s very hot, more than 450 degrees. Our bread is made-to-order.”

Royal India

The naan dough is stuck to the wall of the super hot ovens for baking. Heaven in the making.

Honestly, this blog would be perfectly happy with a meal of Royal India’s naan alone. It’s otherwordly.

“We make a traditional naan bread from northern India, with garlic and papadum (smashed, sun-dried garbanzo beans),” says Singh.

Royal India

It is difficult to overstate this blog's affection for the naan.

Oh, all right. Take-backs on the “naan only” thing. The restaurant’s Chicken Tikki Masala, easily its most popular menu item, is perhaps the best we’ve had in Las Vegas.

We watched as our Chicken Tikki Masala was prepared, and every dish has a dizzying number of ingredients, each more colorful, and tasty, than the last. The chefs at Royal India Bistro are as much alchemists and chefs.

Royal India

Slogan: "So good, your face will bribe you to return."

Meat used in the various dishes is prepared on skewers, placed in the aforementioned clay ovens. A great way to sample the restaurant’s flavorful meats is The Sizzler with lamb chops, Tandoori chicken, Seekh kabobs, garlic chicken and chicken tikka kabobs. It’s a monster, so bring a friend!

Royal India

It's called The Sizzler because it comes out sizzling. Please try and keep up.

Vegetarians will be happy to find a healthy selection (see what we did there?) of specialty dishes, such as the Navratan Karma (below), with vegetables and farmers cheese and nuts, cooked in a cream sauce. We loved it, and we are not even a vegetables person.

Royal India

Good Karma.

The restaurant offers a buffet lunch, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., that’s well worth a look.

Royal India

The buffet area, replete with awesome.

Of course, one does not live by naan alone! Probably.

The restaurant’s intimate bar has a Happy Hour, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., featuring lots of cocktails with “ini” at the end, such as the Mangotini (picture below), Appletini and Hibiscus Martini.

Royal India

We have no idea if the Mangotini is a traditional Indian cocktail, but by the time you're done, you won't care.

Check out the full menu on the Royal India Bistro site, or find out more on the official Rio Las Vegas site.

Royal India

Yes, you can dine at the bar. We know how you are sometimes.

Enjoy more photographic goodness from our visit to Royal India Bistro, a delicious diversion just 2.6 minutes off the Las Vegas Strip.

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