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Sin City Honored With New “Vegas Strip Steak”

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Las Vegas is very proud of its meat. In fact, we often show off our meat to friends and loved ones. Sometimes even on trolleys, like at the newly-opened Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay meat trolley

We don’t make up the news, we just report it.

Now, Vegas has been paid the ultimate compliment (just go with it) by having a new cut of beef named after it: The Vegas Strip Steak.

The new steak was developed by “a meat scientist, a chef and a university,” at least according to the Vegas Strip Steak’s official site. Yes, steaks have Web sites. Doesn’t everybody?

Here’s the Vegas Strip Steak in action.

Vegas Strip Steak

Thanks to the Vegas Strip Steak people for giving us permission to use this photo, probably.

The official site states, “The Vegas Strip Steak is often compared to the New York Strip Steak. But there can only one New York Strip Steak. So what city should this steak honor? Vegas, of course! It’s a great restaurant town that has earned its culinary reputation more recently. Vegas is a crowd-pleaser and so is this steak!”

For the record, Las Vegas is not only fond of its meat, but also exclamation points, so the Vegas Strip Steak seems a perfect fit for Sin City!

Apparently, cuts of meat are the intellectual property of whomever “invents” them, so there’s licensing involved in serving the cut in a restaurant. We’ll let you know if they turn up in Vegas. Or, rather, when. That one’s kind of a no-brainer.

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