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Spice Market Buffet’s New Cupcakes Will Make Your Taste Buds High Five

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When we heard the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood was adding a selection of cupcakes to its dessert station, we figured they’d be good, but we didn’t expect them to change the course of human history. But they might do just that.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

Feel that? That's human history's course changing.

Look. It’s Las Vegas. Las Vegas doesn’t do anything “meh.” Accordingly, the new cupcake selection at the Spice Market Buffet is whatever the opposite of “meh” is. We should have known.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

If you aren't drooling, you may be a cyborg.

The Spice Market Buffet already ranks among the “Top Three Buffets in Las Vegas,” as decided by this blog, which tends to know its Las Vegas buffets. (You’ll have to guess at the other two. Think of it as a contest, but without the burden of prizes.)

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

The lemon poppy cupcake experience.

The 26 (count ’em, 26) new varieties of cupcakes make this stellar buffet even more stellar-er. Which may or may not be a word.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

Pace yourself.

That’s right. There are 26 kinds of cupcakes. At an all-you-can-eat buffet.

So, here’s the insider tip: Eat your meal backwards. Start with the cupcakes! They’re fresh, and pretty and this blog hereby declares they’re so good, they may even cause you to switch religions. Especially if your religion forbids cupcakes.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

Oh, no, you did NOT just put a cannoli into a cupcake.

The culinary wizards in the Spice Market Buffet kitchens have truly outdone themselves this time. There are red velvet cupcakes, S’Mores cupcakes, dulce de leche (translation: “I would surrender my motor vehicle to taste one”) cupcakes, key lime cupcakes, caramel apple cupcakes, mint chocolate chip cupcakes, chocolate almond cupcakes and Kahlua cupcakes.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

Is it just us, or are these two strawberry shortcake cupcakes totally making out?

We’re so not done.

Spice Market Boston cream cupcake

We've never met a Boston cream cupcake we didn't like.

There are cannoli cupcakes (yes, actually, they put a cannoli into a cupcake), cookies and cream cupcakes, Boston Cream cupcakes, banana toffee cupcakes and sacher cupcakes, whatever those might be.

Bourbon pecan. Cinnamon graham. Lemon poppy. Pumpkin. Cinnamon spice cappuccino.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

This blog may or may not have proposed marriage to this red velvet cupcake.

So, how are these cupcakes going to change the course of human history? Well, for one, you probably just added the Spice Market Buffet to your “must-taste” list. When you arrive, you’re going to try 10-12 cupcakes. This is going to put you in a very happy frame of mind. Happy people live longer. Which means you’ll live longer. And if you live longer, the world will be more awesome. Hey, we do what we can to make the world more awesome. Especially when it involves consuming cupcakes.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

Team Cupcake (a name we just made up) includes Cristina, Graciela and Natalia. We heart them, bigtime.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our favorite. The cookies and cream cupcake, pictured below. Sublime.

Spice Market Buffet cupcakes

To die for. Although, that would preclude you from having another, so nevermind.

Bonus: The Spice Market Buffet is one of the buffets featured in the value-packed Buffet of Buffets pass (six buffets, 24 hours, $44.99).

Enjoy more photographic succulence in our exclusive photo gallery below.

We’ll see you at the Spice Market Buffet. We’ll be the one roaming the dessert station and, you know, changing the course of human history.

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