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Squeeze the Most Out of Vegas With Social Rewards

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Here’s a Las Vegas hook-up in two simple words: Social Rewards.

Social Rewards is a program that gives you perks and freebies for things you’re probably already doing, like following your favorite Las Vegas hotels on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook, or telling friends about various Las Vegas awesomeness.

Social Rewards

We are a Las Vegas blog, not a graphic designer. You get the drift.

Depending upon what action you take in the social networking realm, you’ll earn a certain number of Social Rewards points. Those points can be redeemed for Reward Credits, those magical “points” you can use to get things like show tickets, free rooms, food and drink, as well as back rubs from certain Las Vegas blogs. (We made that last part up, but anything’s possible in Sin City.)

Here’s how it works. First, you visit the official Social Rewards site. It’s on the “Internet.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

If you’ve never registered with Social Rewards before, you’ll need to do so. This could take upwards of 14 seconds, because all you really do is click a button to associate your Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare account to Social Rewards. You’ll also be asked for a few other tidbits of information, then you’re set.

Next, click on the logo thingy of a Las Vegas hotel. Maybe Planet Hollywood or Caesars Palace or Bally’s. Preferably one owned by Caesars Entertainment, whose official Las Vegas blog this is, otherwise it’s going to be very awkward.

Social Rewards

Don't play favorites. The more Vegas hotels you like and follow, the more points you earn.

This is where you can immediately rack up some points. Follow Planet Hollywood on Twitter, get 50 points. Follow Flamingo, get another 50. Like them on Facebook, 50 more points. They add up quickly, and you’ll barely lift a finger. We love perks where we don’t have to do a lot of finger-lifting.

Social Rewards keeps a running tally of the points you’ve earned on the right side of the screen.

Social Rewards

Try and catch up to us. We'll wait.

Earn additional points for watching videos. Weren’t you already kind of doing that already? Granted, these videos don’t have as many cute cats, but you get the idea.

Even more points are available if you’d like to Tweet or post some love on your Facebook pages. You get to decide what’s posted and when.

More Social Rewards goodness: Get more points when you check in on Foursquare, or when you invite a friend to join Social Rewards.


Recent studies indicate checking in on Foursquare increases verility. Your results may vary.

Here’s another slick benefit of dipping your toes into the Social Rewards world: If you Tweet or share a room deal on Facebook, you snag not only 25 points for sharing it, but receive an additional 250 points when someone books a hotel stay based on what you’ve shared. It’s like magic, but without all the annoying scarves and doves.

By the time you’ve done all this stuff for all the hotels in the Caesars Entertainment hotels, you’ll have a hefty number of points, and you’re ready to trade your points for Reward Credits to get the most from your Las Vegas experience.

Social Rewards

Please don't try to read that small print. This graphic is for illustrative purposes only.

In the “Rewards” section, you can check out all the stuff you can redeem with your points, including drink comps, dining credits and show tickets. For example, two show tickets for “Peepshow” require 25,000 points.

Trivia: Those 25,000 Social Rewards points break down to be 12,500 for each of “Peepshow” star Holly Madison’s best assets—her smile and her public relations acumen, obviously.

Holly Madison

Insert gratuitous photo we took of Holly Madison here.

There’s some fine print to all of this, but not much. Find it here.

You might want to follow Social Rewards on Twitter, too, or “Like” them on Facebook for all the latest news about this fun program.

So, sign up for Social Rewards and get started on the path toward getting lots of free stuff while doing relatively little. Which, to us, is how all of life should be. One blog’s opinion.

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