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10 Life-Affirming Vegas Cocktails to Put Your Face On

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We’ll own up to having cravings from time to time. Maybe we’re pregnant. Although we hope not, since our cravings, quite often, involve cocktails.

Las Vegas is to cocktails what Middle Earth is to dwarves. Although, granted, in a much less nerdy way. We’ve put together an all-star list of 10 cocktails we’re craving right now, and which may also serve as reminder of just how wonderful life is.

1. HK Antioxidant at Gordon Ramsay Steak

The HK stands for “Hell’s Kitchen” (Chef Gordon Ramsay’s hit reality cooking show) of course, but you’ll be in heaven when your face closes in on this flavorful concoction. Want to make one? Muddle 15 blueberries and the juice of a lemon in a pint glass. Add ice, an ounce of agave and two ounces VeeV acai liqueur and shake. Fill a rocks glass with ice, double strain your mixture and garnish with fresh mint leaves and blueberries. Find it at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas.

If you can't stand the heat, this.

2. Negroni at Old Homestead Steakhouse

A Negroni is equal parts Beefeater 24 gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, whatever that might be. We got ours at Old Homestead Steakhouse inside Caesars Palace. This drink is especially delicious because it was named after an Italian Count, Count Camillo Negroni. This seemingly useless trivia could help you win some serious clams on a game show someday.


Like a shiatsu massage for your tongue.

3. Pink Velvet at Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Pink Velvet, served at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant boasts Grey Goose, watermelon liquor, pomegranate syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice, Angostura Bitters and one of the best views in town.

Pink Velvet

Our next band name: Pink Velvet.

4. Sangria at Carlos’n Charlie’s

Carlos’n Charlie’s at Flamingo Las Vegas knows liquor. Their traditional sangria has layers of flavors, all intended to put you into the mood to make sweet love to a complete stranger in a photo booth. (Actual results may vary.)

Carlos'n Charlie's

It's akin to archeology, except with a buzz.

5. Caipirinha de Uva at Central By Michel Richard

The Caipirinha de Uva is a signature cocktail at Central restaurant (and bar, ahem) at Caesars Palace. It’s so good, we don’t even care that “Uva” sounds like something you’d learn about in an anatomy class. This cocktail features Cachaca, grapes, basil, honey and lime.

Central cocktail

Bonus: "Cachaca" sounds like the sound of a coin coming out of a slot machine.

6. Margarona at Yolös Mexican Grill

This blog isn’t really a beer drinker, but this combo won us over. This is the Margarona, served at Yolös Mexican Grill at Planet Hollywood, complete with an up-ended Coronita.


The Margarona once auditioned for Cirque. True fact.

7. White Violet at Payard Patisserie & Bistro

The White Violet, exclusively at Payard in Caesars Palace, has Sauvignon Blanc, violet syrup and muddled basil, garnished with Payard’s lavender honey, basil and an edible flower.

An even better band name: Lavender Honey and the Basils.

8. Amazonian at Carnival Buffet

The Carnival World Buffet at Rio Las Vegas is known for many things. But along with food as far as the eye can see, it should be known for the Amazonian. This 45-ounce monster has Midori (a melon liqueur), Berry Vodka and Blue Curacao liqueur.


Suitable for sharing. With a football team.

9. Swedish Fish at Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas has an uncanny knack for adding sweet twists to its signature drinks. The Swedish Fish is like licking a gummi fish while getting a foot rub in an IKEA. Or something.

Swedish fish

Sugar rush delivery device.

10. Caramel Apple Martini at Center Cut Steakhouse

A martini at Center Cut Steakhouse at Flamingo Vegas is the best way to enjoy your meat to its fullest. And if you read anything into that, you’re a lot less mature than this blog thought.

Center Cut cocktail

Writer E.B. White called martinis the "elixir of quietude," because you can never have too many band names.

We’d share more Las Vegas cocktails, but that would involve: 1) Amending the title of this blog post and, 2) you being even less productive. And we wouldn’t want that.

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