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Ten Things to Be Thankful for in Las Vegas

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It’s a great time of year to stop and reflect upon just how lucky we are, to renew our sense of appreciation for the things we sometimes take for granted. Here, then, are our “Ten Things to Be Thankful for in Las Vegas.” (With a TM at the end, of course.)

1. Flesh.

Oh, yes, we’re getting this one out of the way right off the bat. Whether you’re a fan of the sweaty studs at Chippendales inside Rio, the lovely ladies of X Burlesque at Flamingo, or even one of Sin City’s famed strip clubs, you’re bound to find ample amounts of glistening skin to satisfy your prurient cravings.


In Vegas, we tend to play to our strengths.

2. Decadent dining.

Speaking of cravings, Las Vegas is home to some of the most mouth-watering restaurants in the world, many boasting renowned celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Guy Savoy and Kerry Simon. Take your pick and enjoy a lifetime’s worth of sublime culinary offerings, all in one city. Vegas, baby!

Mesa Grill

Be honest. This dish at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill made you want to bite into your computer screen.

3. The Luxor light.

No matter where you are in Vegas, you pretty much always know where you are because of the beacon emanating from the Luxor’s distinctly-shaped hotel. Bonus factoid: The Luxor beam is touted as the most powerful in the world at 42 billion candle power.

4. Hotel room deals.

Say what you want about the economy, but the upside for Vegas guests definitely has to be that Las Vegas hotel rooms can be had at incredible values. Just when you thought they couldn’t get lower, you find out from this very blog that you would be, uh, wrong. Ever hear of Cyber Monday? It’s the online version of Black Friday, and Caesars Entertainment hotels across the country are digging deep to offer savings of 20-40% for rooms booked on Nov. 29-30. Bookmark this page and check it out on Monday.

Cyber Monday

What does a model, blowing on pixie dust, have to do with cheap hotel rooms? We have no idea. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a stock photography chooser.

5. Holly Madison.

Sure, we could have listed Peepshow star Holly Madison under the “Flesh” category, but you clearly don’t know how this blog rolls! Holly Madison’s smile (yes, her smile!) just makes Vegas a happier place.

Holly Madison slot machine

Holly Madison's slot at Planet Hollywood is very popular. What? Slot machines are called slots. Ask anyone.

6. Lady Luck.

There’s this weird thing you hear from time to time: “The house always wins.” What a load of turkey gizzards! Nobody’s saying the house doesn’t have the advantage, but that’s over an infinite number of wagers. Lady Luck doesn’t care about an infinite number of wagers. She cares about lucky streaks, and they happen all the time in Vegas.

Lady Luck

For the record, this roulette table is happy to see you.

7. The funny.

An often unheralded aspect of Vegas is that it’s the absolute best place on Earth to get some funny. If laughter is the best medicine, Vegas is like a giant pharmacy. But with strippers. Thankfully, you can get comedy in the expected places like The Improv at Harrah’s, or from master laugh-makers like George Wallace and Vinnie Favorito at Flamingo. But you can also get it in places you didn’t necessarily expect to, like the Donny & Marie show at Flamingo or from Anthony Cools at Paris, easily two of the funniest shows in town!

Anthony Cools

At Anthony Cools' show, your inhibitions and funny bone are in serious jeopardy.

8. What’s new.

There are few things in life you can absolutely rely on, but here one: There’s always, always something new happening in Las Vegas. New hotels are opening (like The Cosmopolitan, opening Dec. 15), there are fresh coats of paint (Harrah’s Entertainment is now Caesars Entertainment), and a new restaurant or attraction opens every 15 minutes or so: A tasty new food court at Flamingo just opened up, PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood is in full swing and Sugar Factory at Paris is nearing completion. Vegas is almost never the same place twice!

9. Free Vegas stuff.

We love us some free, so we’re always in a thankful mood because Vegas is known for its free stuff! The dazzling dancing fountains at Bellagio are free, as are its botanical garden displays. The massive aquarium at The Forum Shops at Caesars is free. The Show in the Sky at Rio is free. The Big Elvis show at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall is free. Oh, and this blog is free. Feeling thankful yet?

Big Elvis

Big Elvis at Bill's is one of the most beloved free shows on the Strip, bigtime.

10. You.

Yes, we’re thankful for you. Because Vegas isn’t Vegas without the people who help make it such a fun, colorful, intoxicating (you know who you are) place. The more you’re you, the more Vegas is Vegas. So, get a room, put on some Mardi Gras beads, and just be you. But a more fun you. Wearing someone else’s underwear on your head. Yeah, that you.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Better yet, have it in Vegas.

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