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The Blackboard Menu At BLT Steak

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The rotating Blackboard Menu at BLT Steak restaurant  at Bally's Las Vegas

The rotating Blackboard Menu at BLT Steak. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

BLT Steak – Las Vegas Steakhouse

Las Vegas has more high-quality steakhouses per square inch than anywhere else in the world. Go to any hotel on the Strip or some excellent restaurants surrounding the famous street and you are bound to get a tasty and juicy piece of meat. So how does a steak joint separate itself from the pack in Sin City?

Two words: Blackboard Menu. BLT Steak at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, not content to rest on its laurels delivering choice cuts of beef to the table, is now offering a rotating Blackboard Menu that changes weekly under the direction of Executive Chef Shawn Wallace.

The cooking maestro has worked at countless high-end restaurants on Las Vegas Boulevard and brings his varied experiences to the table – er the blackboard – with meals that are unorthodox for the standard steakhouse.

We recently sampled the Blackboard Menu of the week. It brought inspired new tastes to the already strong BLT Steak menu. Here are the details.

Warm Spring Asparagus Soup

Warm spring asparagus soup at BLT Steak

Warm spring asparagus soup at BLT Steak. Photo by Bryan Larson / Caesars Entertainment.

The hit of fresh vegetables smacks you in the mouth like a ton of bricks. Delicious, fresh bricks. The creamy asparagus base mimics a vegetable velouté in its intense form. Sherry vinegar gives the base an acidic pop and crème fraiche mellows the whole thing out. The secret ingredients that take things over the top are fresh spring pea tendrils and fresh asparagus, seared on high heat on a plancha, giving them just a bit of char and bringing out their natural flavors. They play as a taste and textural antagonist – in the best way – to the soup.


Moist bread pockets - Popovers at Las Vegas steakhouse, BLT Steak

Popovers. Yummy yummy in my tummy. Photo by Bryan Larson / Caesars Entertainment.

Anyone who has been to BLT Steak before knows that this is not a new entry to their menu. BLT Steak is famous for these addictive, starchy rolls. No matter what else is ordered, popovers are so essential to the BLT Steak experience that they are served with a recipe card, so guests can try to replicate them at home. Good luck getting those soft, moist bread pockets to reach the layers of height and taste they do at the restaurant. Gruyère cheese gives the popover tang. Mix a little honey and butter together, slather it on and go to town.

Braised Lamb Shank

Braised lamb at BLT Steak on the Blackboard Menu

The braised lamb is the main event of the Blackboard Menu at BLT Steak. Photo by Bryan Larson / Caesars Entertainment.

This meaty hunk of protein is easy to pull of the bone because of the proper cook. But what makes it unique is the bright orange sauce that tops it. Created by puréeing the components the lamb is braised in – carrots, onions, celery, garlic, chicken stock and beer – it gives the lamb its own identity. Paired with an herb and apricot Israeli cous cous that gets a tangy taste from the apricots and sweetness from golden raisins, there’s a lot of goodness to dig into here.

Creamed Leeks

Creamed leeks at BLT Steak - Las Vegas steakhouse

Creamed leeks. Take our word and get them. Photo by Bryan Larson / Caesars Entertainment.

This is the show stealer of the meal. Prepared simply, the often underutilized vegetable takes on similar components to a cheesy au gratin in this dish. They are cut finely and enveloped with flavor making this a comfort food welcome at any Thanksgiving dinner. Tiny bits of tasso ham are crisped up and cooked with the leeks, permeating every bite with a welcome hit of saltiness. Furthermore, the bits of tasso on top are so good, you will look for them in each fork or spoonful.


Tiramisu at BLT Steak

Tiramisu – a sweet ending at BLT Steak. Photo by Bryan Larson / Caesars Entertainment.

The hotel pastry team supplies this dessert to the restaurant and they do a fine job with it. It’s more of a tiramisu cup with a rich chocolate shell. The base of tiramisu is light and cakey, different than traditional versions. There are hints of espresso, which are much more subtle than other iterations. Mascarpone cheese and a whipped cream top finish the dessert nicely.

Some of these items will likely make their way to the menu full time – please keep the leeks! Some like the popovers are already on the menu by popular demand. Some might be available upon request. But whatever the case, it’s exciting to know that next week an entirely new meal will be ready to be tasted with the chefs at BLT Steak continuing to push themselves to delight their diners.

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