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The Blog Post We Swore We’d Never Post

Last updated: February 16, 2011 at 5:20 pm. Posted by in Celebrities, Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Restaurants, Rio Las Vegas. Comments Off on The Blog Post We Swore We’d Never Post.

We love Vegas celebrity sightings. Everybody comes to Vegas, and you never know who you’ll spot at your favorite restaurant or at the craps table in your favorite casino.

Sometimes, we’re not entirely sure the “celebrities” are actual “celebrities.” They’re called things like “celebutantes,” you know, people famous for being famous. They’ll “host” at a Vegas club, or just come to town to have fun like everyone else. Not always blogworthy. Hey, we have standards!

When we heard Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from “Jersey Shore” was in Vegas to hang with the Chippendales at Rio Vegas, we had one of those snooty, “Not in this blog!” moments.

Then, naturally, we watched a few reruns of “Jersey Shore.” And, you guessed it, here’s Ronnie!

Ronnie Jersey Shore

Ronnie, of "Jersey Shore" fame, with some new friends from Chippendales.

Seriously. “Jersey Shore” evokes so many mixed emotions, doesn’t it? It’s unwatchable AND you can’t stop watching. How can that be? You really want to hate these folks, but how can you keep from falling in love with them?

Ultimately, they’re a bunch of fun-loving friends, with ups and downs like the rest of us. They want to be appreciated and respected. Like all of us, they’re looking for love. Or something like love. Probably. They are us. Just with more hair gel and much, much stronger livers.

Ronnie Jersey Shore

Ronnie gives the Chippendales a run for their money, pectoralwise.

Ronnie was seen around town during his recent visit (Feb. 12), including making a stop at the popular Martorano’s restaurant inside Rio Las Vegas.

Ronnie Jersey Shore

Ronnie stops by Martarano's at Rio for a meatball.

So, we’re sorry, Ronnie. We judged. We do that. We are a blog.

You and your musclebound friends can come to Vegas anytime. Just stop “hosting” things. We still don’t get that.

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