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The Range Rustles Up Food, Cocktails With Class

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Sixteen years after it opened at Harrah’s Las Vegas, the oft-overlooked Range Steakhouse continues to serve up a dining experience with an emphasis on quality food, feisty cocktails, a welcoming atmosphere and old-school, customer-first service.

The Range Steakhouse

A bit of a departure from the rest of Harrah's. You'll get used to it.

Some Vegas visitors are actually surprised to learn there’s a top-notch steakhouse hidden inside Harrah’s. The signs for The Range aren’t in-your-face, and the restaurant and bar are accessible via a discreet elevator just off the hotel’s casino floor, so many passersby don’t even realize it’s there. Once inside, however, you’ll wonder how (and why) you’ve missed it.

The Range Steakhouse

Booze with great views. Yes, we just made that up.

Recently, the restaurant began serving a colorful collection of specialty cocktails this blog felt compelled to investigate personally. Yes, all nine of them. These are the kinds of sacrifices we are willing to make on your behalf.

The Range Steakhouse Lemon Meringue Martini

The Lemon Meringue Martini tastes exactly like, well, take your best guess.

The cocktails include the Lazy Wrangler, Home on the Range, The Adios, Sweetest Hangover, Blush, Aviator, Signature Sangria, The Range Mojitos and martinis, including the Lemon Meringue Martini (pictured seductively above).

The Range Steakhouse The Audios

It's the Adios. Which, in Spanish, means, "Do not judge my alcohol content by my flamboyance."

All the specialty cocktails run $12, which isn’t horrible when you consider several of them will get your guppies swimming again. Whatever that might actually mean.

Range cocktail mojito

The Range Mojito. And, yes, we're as surprised as you are that any of these photos are even remotely in focus.

While not the most flashy of the cocktails, the Home On The Range cocktail (below) will put hair on your chest. It may also put hair on your bowling ball. Which, while peculiar, will make perfect sense once you taste it.

Home on The Range Cocktail

It's a Vegas vacation in a glass. Just without the buskers.

Another new addition to the restaurant’s offerings is a “$7 Before 7:00 p.m.” menu, created specifically for its lively bar and lounge area.

The “$7 Before 7:00 p.m.” summer tasting menu includes Beef Satay, Seared Scallops Oscar Style, bruschetta and Duck Spring Rolls. Also of note is the happy fact well cocktails, draft and bottled beer and glasses of wine are 30% off before 7:00 p.m., too.

Range Steakhouse bruscetta

The bruschetta's picture perfect, and not just because this blog took the picture, for a change.

If we had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the seared scallops, even though this blog is not a real scallop or seafood person.

Range Steakhouse scallops

The scallops are seriously under-priced, but don't tell them we said that.

Aside from all these tempting treats, there’s a specialty dessert we’d be remiss not mentioning. Bonus: If you order it, you’ll be the cool kid in your party because it’s not even on the menu.

Behold the Flaming Volcano. Which, unlike some over-hyped things in Las Vegas, actually lives up to its name. Specifically the part about flames being involved.

The Range Steakhouse Flaming Volcano

Please don't try this at home. Unless you live in a kiln.

The Flaming Volcano is unbelievably good vanilla ice cream encased in a Nestle candy shell, drizzled with a raspberry sauce. But wait, there’s more.

The whole dessert is doused with chocolate ganache and a Bacardi 151 blend, then set afire. It’s one part show and one part, “Do not get between this blog and the Flaming Volcano, thanks.”

The Range Steakhouse ice cream

It's hot. It's cold. It's OMG.

Topping off all these great deals at The Range Steakhouse is a true dedication to treating every customer like a high roller.

Our waiter, Jimmy (below), has been with the restaurant since the day it opened. He takes for granted that he knows his job so well he not only kept us from bursting into flames during the table-side preparation of the Flaming Volcano, but he can also gesture to any item in the restaurant’s menu without looking.

The Range Steakhouse waiter Jimmy

Thanks for not letting our dessert singe our eyebrows, Jimmy.

Oh, like we weren’t going to squeeze in one more photo of a cocktail. Have you ever even read this blog before?


The Blush is a rush. Seriously, we should be a professional writer.

So, The Range Steakhouse at Harrah’s Vegas is awaiting your arrival. This hidden Vegas gem is worth a look. And taste. Especially that taste part.

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