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Today’s Frosty, Almost-Free Vegas Hook-Up

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The next best thing to free in Las Vegas is cheap, and this find definitely qualifies. No denying it, it’s been unseasonably warm the last few days (summer’s not going down without a fight).

There’s nothing better to squelch that warmth than soft serve ice cream. (OK, daiquiris work, too, but let’s stay on topic.) So, where do you get some delicious, almost-free soft serve on the Strip? (Hint: The last place you’d expect to get it.)

Answer: Burger King inside O’Sheas.

Vegas soft serve ice cream

These cones are so good, we ordered one to eat and one to photograph (and then eat). It's true. Ask our thighs.

The impossibly-low cost of this succulent tower of ice cream magnificence? Eighty-nine cents. Seriously. Just 89 cents.

Burger King

Just follow your tongue.

Objectively speaking, this is some of the best soft ice cream in Vegas. The soft serve at Paris Las Vegas still holds the top spot, but the ice cream at Burger King can hold its own. The good news? Trying it costs less than you’d tip a valet!

Soft serve ice cream factoid: In Vermont and other parts of New England, soft serve ice cream cones are known as “Creemees.”

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