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You never know what discoveries you’ll make when you’re out and about in Las Vegas.

During a recent stop at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, we found out something we’d wondered about for ages. You know when you’re in a restaurant, and after your meal they come around with one of those crumb scraper thingys?


Yeah, those.

What are those things called, anyway?

Well, the helpful and perfectly-groomed staff at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant gave us the answer: They’re called “crumbers.”

Intuitive, you say? True. But did you know they’re also called “groomers”?

Do we hook you up or what?

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Insert gratuitous Eiffel Tower Restaurant creme brulee photo here. Our favorite dessert on the Strip.

Read more about this world-class restaurant, including its incredible view, slick matches, mouth-watering sorbet, celebrity guests and prix fixe theater menu. And did we mention their forward-thinking tableside service to help you share your food photos on Facebook and Twitter? Check it out.

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